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Artifacts of Godville
Random number generator
Type 💎Bold
Description RNG for intimates.

Most heroes on their own how many of a specific item to buy, how many times they are going to get hit before they run from a fight, and how much beer they are going to drink before they start betting on a game of poker. Now, your hero can take a break from the daily grind of deciding "how many" by using this handy artifact. The programmers of this generator do have a sense of humor - rumors are that it can generate the digits for pi up to 1,000 times the level the hero is at - if asked to do so while the hero is within 10 milestones of Los Adminos. Heroes who use it too often or too long will have a hard time counting things for awhile.

There is a non-magical, identical item on every hero's body called fingers and toes, but this requires the hero to use simple arithmetic. It is important to note that your hero must actually have the ambition to use this skill rather than the artifact, as no voice commands sent related to using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division will be heard.

The only requirement of using this item is finding one in the first place and managing to have your hero like it enough to keep it. This artifact is large, heavy, and cumbersome and can also be sold for a decent number of coins in the shop. Heroes too lazy to tote it around may ignore the fact that it allows them to be too lazy to use their brains.