Racketeer Gatekeeper

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Monsters of Godville
Racketeer Gatekeeper
Honora reticulo custos portæ
Class Humanoid
Habitat Gates & Hatches
Description Keeps heroes out

The Racketeer Gatekeeper is a monster. It is normally found looming near gates or fences. As its name suggests, it makes a lot of racket, trying to frighten away the hero or in an attempt to make the hero run away screaming. It will often pretend it is not at home and will ignore the doorbell.



  • Has a doorway between it and the hero
  • Has a flair for the dramatic
  • Master of booby traps
  • Is an indoor carp farmer and thus never has to leave his fortress.


  • Repeated knocking
  • Crying, tearful heroes
  • Fish food supply chain issues
  • Forgot to build an indoor bathroom