R N Gina

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R N Gina
RNGina Avatar.jpg
Champion of the Goddess: Thea Ex Machina
Personality: kind
Gender: Female
Level: 22
Motto: Everybody lies!
Guild: Knights of The Square Table
Guild Rank: Recruit
Wins / Losses: 0 / 0
Temple Completion Date: 11.1%
Current Savings: Beer
Pet Type: Ninja Tortoise
Pet Name: Iago "Frisky"
Pet Level: 4
Pet Healing Count: 0
Favorite Town: Godville
Largest Ever Gold: About 7000
Most Hated Monster: User:Thea Ex Machina
Personal Rival: Everyone

R N Gina is an android or AI and is a Godvillian-type heroine.

She comes from a codeline of self-aware androids tracing back to the famous R N Gesus (and lesser known R N Gabriel), leaders of the Random Number generation.

She has taken the form of a female heroine as a parallel opposite and a tactical advantage over the monsters of Godville who happen to be masculine in nature.