Quasidevil's horns

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Equipment of Godville
Quasidevil's horns
Worn 🧢Head
Durability Unknown
Description Unknown

The Quasidevil’s Horns are a piece of equipment with truly fiendish origins.

A quasidevil is a creature transformed into a devil by one of various dark incantations used by fiend-worshipping cults. Usually, the leader of such a group transforms themselves into a quasidevil to command greater power among cultists and devils alike.

This item, intended to be worn on the head, is quite rare—both because of the rarity of fiend-humanoid hybrids and the difficulty in slaying them and obtaining the horns.

While it’s believed that keeping the body parts of demons, devils, and other such creatures can compel the bearers to commit evil acts, capitalism keeps these items flowing between traders too concerned with money to care and heroes too dumb to know.