Pyromaniac Snowman

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Monsters of Godville
Pyromaniac Snowman
The Pyromaniac Snowman blowing up a temple in Godville
Class Snowman, Sadistic Monster
Habitat A safe distance from whatever he's blowing up
Description Frosty's Pyromaniac Cousin

Pyromaniac Snowman is a monster in that has a strong craving for blowing things up or setting things on fire. In fact, he's the only snowman who is ever seen with a flamethrower, dynamite, bombs, blowtorches and anything else that could be considered a fire hazard or explosive. His favorite weapon of choice is the detonator remote.

General Information

Most snowmen follow the footsteps of Frosty and make the holidays and winter the most festive season of the year. Not the Pyromaniac Snowman. In fact, he's the overlooked cousin to Frosty himself and grew a massive resentment for the holiday celebrity after spending many years living in his shadow. So, the snowman decided to find his own way into being well-known and famous, even if it means bad behavior (Witchcraft). He realized that many of the snowmen dislike warm weather and heat, because it melts snow. He thought, "What if I become a snowman who never melts? Then, let's see who's more famous! Me, or Frosty?" Therefore, he visited the Witch Hiker, and asked her to make him fireproof and heatproof. The Witch Hiker agreed, knowing a spell that could do just that. She also thought that the side-effects of the spell would be ironic and hilarious. After she cast the spell on the snowman, the side effects began to kick in almost immediately. The Witch Hiker immediately fled from her house, knowing what was going to happen. As for the snowman, he grew a strong desire to see things burn and blow up, and found that watching that happen would be extremely funny. He grabbed the nearest blowtorch and burned the Witch Hiker's house to the ground, laughing maniacally. He had officially become the Pyromaniac Snowman. Throughout the land, there were reports of a snowman either burning down or blowing up buildings, gardens, playgrounds, farms, and even heroes' arks. The destruction that the Pyromaniac Snowman caused was so massive, that the authorities of Godville called for a meeting with the officials of every city in the land.

They all gathered the reports in all from of the cities and noticed a pattern in all of the arson: The culprit was always a snowman. As a response to this, they ordered the snowmen to do their official snowman headcount early to see how many snowmen were missing. The snowmen, obviously afraid of being blown up, agreed to do so and all but one showed up to the headcount. The only snowman that was missing was Frosty's cousin. In fact, later that night, a tavern in Beerburgh was blown up with TNT, and the culprit was, yet again, a snowman. The fact that this was all done by one snowman sent a scare throughout the entire world. So much so, that heroes would never leave cities and were constantly ordered to stay in town and guard.

But soon, hiding from the Pyromaniac Snowman became pointless. The snowman thought, "If I was able to do all of that, how much damage would an army of snowmen just like me do. He tracked down the Witch Hiker once more, forced her to teach him the spell used to make him heatproof, then proceeded to burn down her house once more. Now that he had the knowledge he desired, the Pyromaniac Snowman built over 2,000 snowmen and used the spell to turn them all into pyromaniacs. Now, with an army, he proceeded towards the city of Godville, leaving a trail of death, destruction, fire, and explosions. His goal was to burn down the city and declare himself it's emperor. However, scouts saw the army of snowmen approaching, and Godville was prepared to combat his army. The battle was so once-sided the battle became known as "The Annoyance called the Pyromaniac Snowmen". This forced the Pyromaniac Snowman into hiding. However, some say he is secretly rebuilding his army and will make one that is over 100 times larger than his previous army. All that is known, is that one day, the Pyromaniac Snowman will have his revenge.



  • Fireproof/Heatproof
  • Ruthless
  • Always has bombs, explosives, or a flamethrower
  • Surprisingly quick


  • Not very durable
  • Melts in water
  • Sometimes is too aggressive and brutal to have a good strategy.