Puzzled Sphinx

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Monsters of Godville
Puzzled Sphinx
Description Unknown

Once the giver of riddles, the Puzzled Sphinx now roams the land in a daze, badgering unsuspecting wanderers with increasingly absurd debates.


Highly celebrated for its great intelligence, this creature was once sought by many scholars and wandering masters for great boons and intellectual enlightenment. An unfortunate encounter with a hero caused its fall from grace from that of an intellectual to a bumbling wreck. Despite numerous witnesses present during the encounter, details of what happened vary wildly due to the witnesses' unwillingness or inability to clearly recall the exact events. Reports indicate that the encounter lasted for a very long time, ranging from 19 hours of back and forth questioning to 37 hours of increasingly nonsensical ramblings. When asked about the encounter, the hero in question simply said, "I only asked which way was home. I lost my electric compass when I went fishing, you see. Why did it have to make things so complicated? It could have just pointed where I needed to go on my map."

Scholars wishing to study this creature is advised to prepare a week's worth of food and supplies and to have a hero with them to serve as distraction when the time to withdraw comes. Anybody who has engaged the creature with debate for at least 5 hours is advised to seek immediate medical help and undergo psychiatric evaluation unless they are a hero.



  • High endurance and stamina during debates
  • Confusing and illogical arguments
  • High aggression


  • Heroes
  • Increasing agitation as hours go by
  • Easily distracted by details