Purple Hero Eater

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Monsters of Godville
Purple Hero Eater
Class Corpuscle (pigmented)
Habitat Cliff faces, alpine climates
Description Levitating, pulsating sack of violet violence

Many a hero has unwittingly uttered his/her fatuous last words when confronted with the Purple Hero Eater, a creature of vile malignancy found in rocky, medium-to-high altitude regions.

General Information

The sight of a Purple Hero Eater descending a cliff face in total silence, its bright skirt rippling with unnatural motion as it levitates a hand's span from the bare rock, is enough to make any sensible person retreat. This is why the creature is called a Hero Eater.

This monster, while capable of digesting almost any material, only attacks living creatures. From a young adult age Purple Hero Eaters can easily swallow a human being whole, measuring as they do from three to five metres in length. Once a hero(ine) is swallowed, the creature's stomach acids begin to break down his/her equipment, causing damage if not total destruction unless his/her god intervenes to rescue his/her from death.



The colour-blind Purple Hero Eater believes itself to be perfectly camouflaged against this volcanic rock face.
  • Purple Hero Eaters do not appear sapient and do not negotiate with prey. Communication within their own species appears to make use of the rubbery 'horn' structure on the Purple Hero Eater's front end.
  • When they are searching for prey, the front end (with the 'horn') swings around and gradually zeroes in on the target, if any is present.
  • When no humans are present, they will eat large birds, snakes and small deer.
  • When mating season comes, they play hauntingly beautiful music through their horns to attract a mate, although some have been heard playing rock and roll music instead.
  • They will attack any human, but they have a particular taste for hero flesh.
  • Despite their appearance, they do not require liquid to live.


  • Natural levitation, making them immune to tripping or stumbling.
  • Highly sensitive electromagnetic antennae can detect most living things.
  • The bulb on the creature's rear is a moderately senstive heat sensor.
  • The yellow skirt, although it waves delicately in the breeze, is not fragile or sensitive; rather it is rubbery and difficult to grasp.
  • Becomes extremely savage and desperate when it senses hero flesh, and will pay no heed to minor injuries.
  • Can stretch to incredible lengths.


  • Colour blind, so believe themselves to be camouflaged and invisible when not moving.
  • Have a blind spot on top of their own backs. The canny hero is advised to make good use of this by leaping on and riding the monster like a mechanical bull.
  • Burning the rear bulb, usually with a naked flame or suitable energy-discharge skill, causes great pain to the monster and will often make it retreat.
  • They will sometimes make annoying humming noises before attacking, warning the hero of their presence.