Pun Stars

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Pun Stars
Motto: [placeholding]
Alignment: Humane
Totem Monster: Pundamentalist
Gold Fund: 23781 c.u.
Leader: GodPoizon Ivy11 
Date Founded: September 10, 2010
123 g.e
Membership Count: 31
Guild Page: Pun Stars 
Data current as of 4 May 2021 - 4012 g.e


The Pun Stars are wonderful people who enjoy puns. Any type of pun-loving person is welcome in this fun loving guild. However, before you may join our hallowed ranks you must pass through the dreaded Labirynth. If you succeed, the rewards are a-maze-ing. Yes, I went there. That's the sort of pun this guild is looking for. It's not just fun and games however. We Pun Stars also like to foray into the world of science. For example, just the other day, I asked one of our members if he knew the symbol for sodium. "Na" he replied. *chuckle* I see what I did there.

Because we are such fun-loving people our goal is to be at odds with no one and spread the joy of puns to the less fortunate. Our first and foremost ally is the Waffle Uprising guild. One cannot but help be taken in by their cute desire to rid the world of pancakes. Don't be harsh with them however because they're just softies. Waffles are soft just in case you didn't get that. Sometimes puns work in subtle ways.

So, in conclusion, carry into the world your love of pun.

Practical Pun Manual

1. Accept that no pun is good, but the true nature of a good pun is to be so terrible that it becomes good.

2. Say every pun that occurs to you. Sometimes the most well received puns are the ones you never considered saying.

3. ALWAYS laugh at your own puns (especially if no one else is).

4. Know that you are hilarious. Puns are a limitless resource and you have taken it as your duty to bring this gift to humanity.

You are a hero, a pun hero!

Our own discord server: https://discord.gg/6RwyppY

Ancient history

A long time ago, when the admins hadn’t created Godville yet, they were bored, so they created something that could make them laugh.

At first these creatures managed to entertain the admins with funny jokes and stories, but soon they couldn’t make up any good stories anymore, and then even good jokes couldn’t be created. So the poor creatures couldn’t do anything but start telling bad puns which were hilarious only for themselves.

The admins saw the mistake they had made, and decided to stop them. But they weren’t cruel enough to simply exterminate the creatures, so they imprisoned them in a different dimension so that they could tell all the puns they wanted without annoying the admins.

The creatures were immortal, so they lived in this dimension for many years. But one day something happened.

The admins called back the creatures and gave them a chance: they had created an entire new universe, and they offered the creatures the possibility of reincarnating in a new living being. They would have forgot everything that happened before the reincarnation, but they would have kept their personality.

All of them accepted right away, as their previous prison was quite boring, and they wanted to be able to make new experiences. So these creatures were born again, in a different world, but now they had the chance to tell other people their puns.

Eventually, even though they didn’t remember being part of a specific kind, they started joining together, and created the Pun Stars guild.


The guild created by the hero Paul Anka under the benefaction of GodThe Almighty Cory .

Sadly, after a long time The Almighty Cory disappeared. Now the guild is being led by a bunch of strange punstars.

Every once in a while a new leader is elected, but it takes especially long for the Punstars. They love anarchy and will try their utmost best to keep it leaderless.

BUT Sometimes a miracle appears and a new leader is elected. The first leader to ever get elected was GodGrimmy . Nothing worthy of noting happened during his peaceful leadership. The second leader was GodShinohime . He created the discord server for the guild.

Strangely enough, there was a period when the punstars elected a leader almost every time an election took place, but they are now living again in an era of anarchy. It's worth of note that during this period a movement pushed to take power, with the objective of killing all giraffes, led by GodPoizon Ivy11 . At last, after months of anti-giraffe propaganda, GodPoizon  managed to get elected as guild leader, and a dark era for the giraffes began.

To this day, the highest ranking member of the guild, GodGoddess of Nero , still hasn't revealed herself to the rest of the guild.

Important places

Guild Hall

Obviously, as Pun Stars is a guild, it has a Guild Hall (a.k.a. GH). It is a huge room, completely red… or blue… or any colour you like, because the cool thing is that everyone sees the colours and the details of this room as he wants, so everyone likes this room. The basic architecture is the same for everyone, so the shape, the columns, etc…, will be there for everyone. The GH is where the heroes who want to relax and chat with someone go. Actually, more often is where a hero sleeps after getting drunk. And throws up, unfortunately. That’s the reason why all the workers inside the building want to kill the heroes, but as they are well paid, they usually hold themselves.


Little is known at the moment about the graveyard, apart from the fact that it is GodGrimreaperAZ ’s domain. Sometimes a zombie or a skeleton gets out of the graveyard, and wanders around scaring everyone. The guild has been fined many times because of the mess the undead caused. Skeleton ribs make wonderful xilophones though!



Pun Stars enjoys dwelling into science, so a laboratory was created to have a space where experiments of all kind could be conducted. Once we managed to change the nature of an animal: we turned a caterpillar in a butterfly. Pretty amazing. No one apart from the scientists has seen the inside of the laboratory, but probably it is being used for something useful for the community. Probably.
The first scientist was GodEinonymous , but since he left a long time ago, recently GodAshardalon  took up his work and became the new scientist. At the moment Ashardalon is the only one in the guild that works in the laboratory, and he is looking for someone to help him in his research.

Journalist office

Pun Stars also has his own newspaper. The problem is that Pun Stars loves anarchy and non-sense, so the journal doesn’t really deal with common topics, usually something like whether or not turtles would enjoy flying. So do not expect anything really useful, even though sometimes it writes something funny. It is completely broke, so old Godville Times are used to produce paper, and Cabbage Patch Squids are regularly hunted to provide ink.

List of Leaders

This the list of all the leaders of Pun Stars in chronological order.

Leader Term Notable events
GodPoizon Ivy11  3965 g.e - 4085 g.e
The great anarchy era 3683 g.e - 3964 g.e Anti-giraffe movement
GodGrimreaperAZ  3562 g.e - 3682 g.e
GodThe Punmonger  3428 g.e - 3548 g.e The Pundamentalist was made as the guild totem
GodShinohime  3294 g.e - 3414 g.e
GodPuffin-  3104 g.e - 3224 g.e
GodBrad3979  2970 g.e - 3090 g.e
GodAshardalon  2806 g.e - 2926 g.e
GodxGyarados  2672 g.e - 2792 g.e
GodShinohime  2538 g.e - 2658 g.e Created the Discord Server
GodGrimreaperAZ  2404 g.e - 2524 g.e

Active Members

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The catgirl maid and neko loli goddess Azunyan worshipper

The friendly greeter

A god by chance

brad's #1 simp

Gone but remembered

These are gods that either deserve to be remembered as part of the guild, even though they left, or added their name to the active members list but then sadly left.

The bookkeeper

The writing lurker

Minding my own business

Information on the page

This page is mainly updated by GodAshardalon , if there's anything you want to modify, outside the active members list, feel free to contact him on the guild council, or on Discord. Please refrain from modifying the page unless you want to add your name or for correcting grammar.