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Monsters of Godville
Elphas delirus
Class Crazy elephant
Habitat Wherever it wanders off to
Description An elephant gone insane

The Psycophant (Elphas delirus) is a pretty dangerous beast to deal with, mostly because its volatile behaviour coupled with its strength and size make up for a lot of its destructive potential.


Famous for its fiercely brown nose and tattered tweed suit, the Psychophant's violent brand of bootlicking is feared by all herokind. It's rumoured that ground-up Psycophant tusks can act as a hallucinogen, though analysis of the substance so far has identified it to be equivalent with ordinary teeth.

Heroes should exercise great caution when approaching this monster. However, its insanity means that the Psycophant may just occasionally ignore any enemies, or even get confused between its friends and foes, so not every encounter necessarily leads to engaging in combat.


The Psychophant has one mission: the pursuit of Boss-monsters. Countless heroes have been killed in its quest for approval. On one gruesome occasion, the Psychophant slaughtered countless heroes to win the favor of an Obscentinel. After the fifth shower of obscenities, the Psychophant went back to pursuing lesser boss-monsters.

When the Psychophant is courting a boss-monster, it searches for heroes to pulverize, so it can provide its latest beloved with a necklace of hero-flesh and shattered bones. Some boss-monsters tolerate these efforts longer than others, but the Psychophant's groveling is always ultimately rejected. After the Psychophant is finally expelled from a boss-monster's corner office, the Psychophant will begin its fiercest rampages, continuously pulverizing hero-corpses to thwart divine attempts at Resurrection. After approximately one hour, the Psychophant will spot another boss-monster, clean its suit with the tears of any remaining heroes, and begin the cycle of courtship anew.



  • Extremely unpredictable behaviour
  • Great strength and size
  • Sharp tusks effective for goring enemies


  • Lack of focus
  • Occasional clumsiness
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