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Monsters of Godville
Class Microbe, Pathogen
Habitat In the air
Description Maniacal Microbe

Psychopathogen is a deadly monster that kills its victims while never being seen. This is because it is too small to be seen. It is an extremely psychotic germ that enters its victim's respiratory system and suffocates said victim. It does this while laughing maniacally. After which, it leaves the now-dead victim's body and flies through the air, looking for a new target.

In order to defeat the Psychopathogen, one must take the right medicine to do so. Healing magic may also defeat this vile germ. But, if action is not taken quick enough, the Psychopathogen will have gotten away with another murder.



  • Impossible to detect
  • Does not hesitate to kill
  • Can kill easily if not treated


  • Any form of treatment