Prince of Whales

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Monsters of Godville
Prince of Whales
princeps cetorum
King whale.jpg
a slightly dramatized drawing of the prince of whales
Class royal/cetacean
Habitat submarine palaces and coral banks
Description a royal whale in exile

The prince of whales is a royal monster in Godville


Once upon a time, the kingdom underwater was prosperous and merry, as the great king Balen ruled it fairly and mercifully. Balen had a son, the prince of whales. The prince's upbringing was excellent and after king Balen perished due to his advanced age, it was his duty to take the crown as his blood dictated. And then he arrived, the long lost brother of king Balen, Ocra the wicked, who came to claim the throne. Ignorant and gold-loving heroes helped the traitor take the throne by force and coertion. The prince fled with his most loyal servants and went to exile in the waters under Last Resort.

The prince plotted the retaking of his kingdom deep in the dark waters, but little time passed until beer bottles and cocktail umbrellas started piling up around him, thrown in the sea by heroes. This caused the outrage of the prince, and thus he emerged in the beach to attack the heroes. After unleashing wanton in Last Resort's beach, the prince ran away. Hundreds of heroes gathered in sturdy ships to hunt him in revenge. That's how the noble prince of whales became the bitter monster he is today.



  • Huge and skilled
  • Incorporated water cannon
  • Brave and bold


  • He is too honorable to fight peasants
  • Easy to hit target
  • Disadvantaged when he is out of the water