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The vain and glorious Prince Apollo of Troy is the legendary hero known throughout the universe for his brave and valiant acts.

Father is AlmightyRobert, God of the Universe and mother is Queen Helen of Troy, who was also a demigod. Queen Helen was the child of the Goddess of Love & Beauty and King Midas. Apollo's demigod siblings are Princess Pandora of Pangea, Princess Diana of England and Prince Charming of Troy.

Superpowers - Full control of the sun and stars - Telepathic communication with Trojan Horses - Turning gold coins into gold bricks - Super handsome - Super charming - Super sexy


02:31: Caught my reflection in a shop window as I strolled by. Dang, I look good!

Quest: Follow the golden brick road and ask the wizard for some brains

More to come.....