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Artifacts of Godville
Premature obituary
Type 🧷Normal
Description A pre-emptive death notice for someone yet to be born

The Premature obituary is a necessary artifact for newspaper editors to keep on hand, reducing the risks of being left with space to fill when the inevitable happens.


Unlike a regular obituary prepared in advance of a notable person's death, the premature obituary is written in advance of their birth. The first such article was not recognised as such at the time but was an account of the vision of a seer experimenting in sensory deprivation using a fabric of time blindfold.

Found in her papers after her death, the essay closely matched the life and times of a well known trader of Next Station. Sensing the potential for further development of the prophets' art, (and the potential for extra income), the archivist approached the writers' guild to cross train a group of writer-seers to create further obituaries.


The writer setting out to create a premature obituary has many ways to channel the future into the present. The orthodox methods like reading of tea leaves or use of crystal balls are supplemented by the use of artefacts like all-seeing eyedrops or ears. More adventurous (or reckless) practitioners will use the various time travel devices available.

An avant-garde method practised by some of the latest generation involves the wearing of tarot deck shoes while freestyle dancing and interpreting the resulting footprints.

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