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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Class Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown
Boss Type Above-Ground

The Polygloater is a boss monster.

What is a polygloater? Well it's ugly, it's hairy, it smells like old feet and it still thinks its better than you. A polygloater is born whenever that one kid in the playground or that one guy at work says "I know". "You lost you're paper work didn't you?" "I know." "They stole my toy!" "I know." "You're an idiot." "I know!" And so 'I know' is all polygloaters are able to say. As for what Polygloaters actually know scientists are unsure though many suspect nothing. This theory has been supported many sightings of heroes in intellectual battles with the beast - it's a dead heat. PS=ALSO HAS THE ABILITY TO SUMMON A RANDOM MONSTER TO FIGHT FOR IT.