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The on-screen Map of Godville, with blue dot indicating a point of interest

Following a game news update[1], a Point of interest (POI) can now be found on the map and are marked with a blue dot on the map, labelled "Something interesting" and the milestone they are at.

Potential rewards include а health boost, a new aura, an extra prayer or artifact gain.

How to obtain

  • Defeating a monster, especially strong ones (with special mentions in diaries).
  • Partying at taverns. The more gold heroes spend, more likely they’ll learn about a point of interest.[2]


The following behaviour has been observed for these points:

  • The hero cannot be influenced to visit these markers by their God[1]
  • Persistent across town visits, although a return to Godville will erase the current mark[3][4]
  • Godly intervention in the form of sending to Arena, Dungeon or Sail will also erase the mark[5]
  • Multiple diary entries can indicate finding something interesting but only one monster POI will be active on the map at any time
    • Monster's POI and Tavern's POI coexist on the map
  • No Third Eye entry is generated when these marks are actually explored


  • A new aura
  • Prayer in response to a small gold donation[6]
  • Zero-GP Activatable item containing artifacts[7]
  • Healing (including healing artifact gain)[6]
  • 25% quest completion (assumed to give 5% on an epic quest)
  • Gold payout
  • Side jobs can be started & rewarded from points of interest[8].