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The on-screen Map of Godville, with blue dot indicating a point of interest

Following a game news update[1], Points of interest (POI) can now be found on the map. They are marked with a blue dot on the map, which displays the label "Something interesting" and the milestone the hero will have to get to in order to reach the POI.

Potential rewards include а health boost, a godpower boost, a new aura, bolding a piece of equipment, instant quest progress, gold, and an artifact. This is also the only known way to receive a side job or collect the reward for having completed one.

Placing a POI on the Map

POIs can be obtained in 3 ways.

  • A defeated monster may reveal coordinates to the hero. This appears to be more likely to happen after defeating a strong monster. This will be mentioned in a diary entry.
  • "Wasted" gold in a town can sometimes be spent on learning the coordinates of a new POI. The more gold heroines spend, more likely they’ll learn about a point of interest.[2]
  • The Godville Times will occasionally print coupons entitling the bearer to a POI when redeemed.[3]


The following behavior has been observed for POIs:

  • The hero cannot be directly influenced to visit these markers by their god.[1]
  • A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that a return to Godville would erase POIs from the map,[4][5] but this has been disproven.
  • POIs will disappear the moment the hero is more than 50 milestones away from them. This is true in both directions, ahead of and behind. (Quests take the hero far more than 50 milestones of travel to complete, which is probably the reason people thought it was the capital that erased them.)
  • Godly intervention in the form of sending to the arena, a dungeon, or a sail will also erase the mark.[6] When dropping to a dungeon, the point is lost on initiating the search for partners, and if the hero does not find partners, the point will not return.
  • Only one monster POI will be active on the map at any time, but a monster's POI and a tavern's POI can coexist on the map. Whether the POI from a tavern is considered equivalent to one from a coupon is currently unknown.
  • No Third Eye entry is generated when these marks are explored.


  • A new aura
  • A piece of equipment turns bold
  • Prayer with a sacrifice of a few hundred gold coins [7] or an artifact
  • Zero-gp activatable item containing artifacts[8], usually a bag of trophies
  • Healing (sometimes including healing artifact gain)[7]
  • 25% quest completion (assumed to give 5% on an epic quest)
  • Gold payout, sometimes with loss of health
  • Starting a side job
  • Collecting rewards from a side job[9]
  • Increasing the available time on a side job[10]