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Skills of Godville
Pocket hypnotoad
The original toad to perform this feat.
Type 💸Trade
Description Don't look into its eyes.

The Pocket hypnotoad is a trade skill used by some heroines, though it's technically the toad who do all the job.


There is an old legend that describes how this skill came to be, this is how it goes:

A long time ago a hero was wandering, lost and unable to see any milestones. After hours of walking he saw a small toad, he followed it and it lead him back to town, where he fitted a collar and made it his pet. He kept the creature in his pocket and when bored would talk to it. In a couple of months he had told it his whole life story and taught it the art of hypnosis.

One day, a very stubborn trader with ridiculous prices was refusing to buy bold artefacts from the hero from any more than the price of worn and broken normal artifacts. The trader told the hero to leave, and at this moment, the toad leapt from his pocket and hypnotised the trader, who gave the hero huge amounts of money for his artefacts. Later, in the tavern he told his friends of his feat, and word soon spread of the amazing toad.

As a result, many heroes nowadays carry toads in the hope they will help them when trading.


Levels 1-5

The hero places a toad proudly on the trader's counter, however it is not yet trained and does nothing. The trader assumes it is for sale and may give the hero extra money with the intention of buying it, only to find that it is not for sale, most often traders ignore it.

Levels 6-10

The hero has begun to train the toad, but it has barely learnt anything so it just hops about on the counter, making potential customers see the stall as less appealing. The trader offers the hero a discount on his purchase if he takes it away.

Levels 11-15

At this level the hero has still not fully trained his toad, but it can be very useful at distracting the trader while the hero steals gold or artifacts.

Levels 16-20

The toad has now learnt the art of hypnosis! It will make trader believe he is a VIP and therefore entitled to discounts and that his artifacts are all bold.

Levels 21-25

The toad, now much better at the art of hypnosis sends traders to sleep in mere seconds, allowing the hero to loot the stall very easily.

Level 26+

The toad has completely mastered it's skill! It's mere presence causes traders to give the hero all their money, as well as many artifacts and pieces of equipment.