Plateau of Low Gravity

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An illustration by an artistically gifted hero, picturing the Plateau of Low Gravity.

This is a strange place located somewhere South of the Low Gravity Plains. This plateau has even lower gravity than its neighbor.

The gravity is approximately 50% lower and seems to change. In this place, all life forms are ten times larger due to the low gravity. The monsters, plants, and animals are as tall as houses, but because their muscles aren't supporting much weight, they are quite weak. Heroes that venture into this locale must be brief or else they risk the same fate as the beasts.


The land is flat and mildly grassy. Overall, the land is like a regular meadow, but with a much lower gravity field.

An interesting fact about this land is the hallucinations it produces. The low gravity causes the blood in the human brain to travel faster than usual. This causes heightened output on all five senses, which in turn creates the illusion that things are larger and slower than they actually are. Due to this phenomenon, Heroes usually get lost in the Plateau and may forever wander aimlessly in search of a way out.


The Plateau of Low Gravity lies South of the Low Gravity Plains. It is a medium sized area situated on a rocky hill. The land is flat and mildly grassy. Overall, the land is like a regular meadow, but with a much lower gravity field.

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