Plankton Of The Opera

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Monsters of Godville
Plankton Of The Opera
planktonum operanii
Class Microscopic
Habitat bodies of water, near Opera Houses & Theaters
Description A small green nuisance who likes the performing arts

The Plankton Of The Opera (planktonum operanii) is a monster.

General Information

It is a single-cell organism lurking on bodies of water, and also sometimes on the vicinity of a opera house or something similar that is in or near a body of water. It terrorizes unsuspecting patrons of the questionable arts, as well as Heroes, who are known for their terrible singing and unconvincing performance arts. Known for being obnoxious, sometimes to the point of being deadly, it has several nasty habits including but not limited to nose-picking, shouting unusually loud instructions from such a small frame, and evil laughs. He is especially troublesome to sea urchins, sponges, starfish, and crabs. Since arriving in Godville, it has taken a liking to causing trouble with Heroes.

His favorite food is chum & patties.

It thinks Heroes and other Monsters are in Godville performing for his amusement.

History & Location

The Bikini Atoll has been the site of nuclear testing in the 1950s, wherein the radioactivity has affected the physiology and the genetics of some creatures there, including regular plankton, at which some have been turned into the terrifying Plankton Of The Opera. This small but terrible monster has found its way to Godville and has started wreaking havoc among the populace of Heroes, criticizing them for how poor they are in the performing arts, even with full costumes and weaponry.

These plankton have integrated themselves into many bodies of water, including the River Stinks, River Kraktor, and the Qu'tox Ocean. Some would even try to perform in the Arena if there's no fighting going on.



  • Small so almost invisible
  • Unusually powerful voice
  • Heroes underestimate this foe
  • Mastery of the performing arts


  • Easily angered
  • Can be flicked with one finger
  • Can be squished by stomping of feet
  • Trying to perform an opera or sing might cause it to cover his ears or laugh hysterically, giving you time to escape.