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Motto: Adaequatio rei et intellectus (When the mind has the same form as reality, we think truth).
Alignment: Humane
Gold Fund: 29078 c.u.
Date Founded: 24 April 2011
Membership Count: 76
Town with Greatest Influence: We need more support... (0%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 28
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 119
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 157
Forum Headquarters: [We need to work on this... Planewalkers]
Guild Page: Planewalkers 
Data current as of 1st October 2013

Rayna had learned early on in life that opening her wardrobe was a bad idea, following rabbits into holes would only lead to tears, and that one should never put on a ring that demanded to be your most precious of possessions. While only sixteen years old, compared to the average human, she knew things. For instance, when Brit and Courtney were looking to pull their Mean Girls routine on her, she knew exactly how to avoid them. Mike Edison's locker. She didn't even need to open it; she would just slip right inside. And while there should have been the usual Sports Illustrated calendar, gym socks that hadn't been washed in two quarters, and junk that hadn't been cleaned out since Freshman year, this wasn't the same reality where she started. Rayna was in another Earth now. One where all men and women were blessed with super powers, whether uncanny intellect, psychic ability, or other supernatural powers.

Slipping out of the locker, she hugged her boyfriend. He went by the name Pulse, and had the ability to override electrical systems and "speak" with machines so to speak. "I missed you," she whispered while snuggling up against his letterman's jacket.

"I did too, but we gotta get going. You won't believe what happened since you've been gone." The look on his face was concern, but the ticks in his facial features gave her the inkling that he found it amusing.

"What? I just got here, what happened this time?"

Rayna felt his hand wrap around her waist, nudging her gently to get moving. "Some idiot decided to go back into the 1940s and bond Hitler's head onto a tesla tank. It's chaos down in Germany right now. It's also really funny," he snorted.

A few years ago, Rayna would have collapsed dead from a stroke. Adolf Hitler was dead. And that's true in her reality he was. But there were many realities for other people. Different realities, different dimensions, different times, different realms that existed within existing was a lot to wrap her mind around. But now it all made sense.

Adolf Hitler's head was mounted to a tesla tank. People were dying. Countries were falling. Something needed to be done.

The answer? The Planewalkers. Some idiot caused a rift in a poor, unsuspecting world, and people like Rayna and her boyfriend were there to clean up the mess.

Time Lords, Gods, Angels, Demons, Ghosts, Boogeymen, Men in Black...

Throughout history there are always mysterious beings that seem to move through time and space for good and evil. Most tell stories of us to frighten children. Others use us as examples of life lessons, and still even more prostrate their heads to the ground and offer us obeisance. Whispers of secret societies and cults such as The Illuminati or the Cult of Dagon picture us as invisible beings wrestling control in secret from the myriads of governments and societies.

One world, one plane, one existance...after another. Which begs the question:

Who are we?

We are Planewalkers.


I find that many Planewalkers have adopted the viewpoint that they are the Alpha and the Omega. The first and the last. While one of our ancient brothers had those words inked for the denizens that followed him, I believe that such reasoning is fallacy. It is true that we are at the beginning and the end, but we are also everywhere. And yet, we alone have the free will to choose what we shall be. Therefore, no matter where and when we are, there can only be one conclusion. We are everything.
— Hermiones , The Secret of the Planes
This is a rough draft of common apparel of a member of the Planewalkers. This draft was done by Suki1136, and is only JUST a draft, will more than likely be updated at a later point.

The term Planewalker(s) can refer to both the guild as a whole, and also the individuals within. The Planeswalkers or Walkers that make up the guild come from many different worlds, dimensions, realms, and time periods. The total amount of Planewalkers in existence is unknown. Information regarding the start of interplanar travel along with the beings that engineered it is also currently unknown.

What is known is called The Guild. It is an organization created as a way to educate and maintain control on the various individuals traversing the planes. It is believed that there exists a central hub somewhere within existence itself, and that there are smaller posts and districts operated by influential guild members.

The goals and aspirations of the Planewalkers both as individuals and as a guild is unknown. It is stated that in the beginning, their purpose was that of discovery. Without laws however, they found that tampering with the lives and worlds of other beings was detrimental to the realities they were traveling within. Now it is believed that Planewalkers work as Planar Security, keeping beings that aren't Planewalkers from ever possessing the knowledge and technology to become walkers themselves unless invited into The Guild. They also have appeared to fix errors in time and space, which can oftentimes be excused by a non-Planewalker as déjà vu.

Planewalkers are for the most part considered a neutral party, although it appears that some have goals that could be considered evil, while others appear more benevolent than others. It should be noted that they take care to be considered fictitious entities within their world. However sometimes this attempt is botched. One famous error was created in Earth-1218 when a Planewalker was uncovered by a human known as Victor Surge in 2009. Believing the walker to be a supernatural being, Victor Surge invented the Slender Man persona and created an entire mythos for this fictitious character. Other such famous misunderstandings between humans and Planewalkers have produced legends such as Hercules, Bigfoot, Merlin, and Nightcrawler.

A Planewalker as an individual is often depicted in art and literature as the same race of the one depicting it. For instance, a great many Planewalkers in a plethora of worlds are considered bipedal humanoids, many as human. In reality, Planewalkers may resemble humans, dragons, amorphous beings, inanimate objects, or essentially anything. A Planewalker is not a particular race, but mainly a title. It represents a being that is able to traverse the planes of existence via biological, supernatural, or scientific means.

This means that any individual anywhere could essentially develop such abilities or gain the knowledge to do so throughout their lives. Usually such an individual becomes conscripted by another Planewalker and shown the ropes for a period of time until the Planewalker is no longer deemed a layman. The process is loosely monitored, and The Guild has been trying to tighten up the process of Planewalker recruitment.


There is a reason why every fairy tale recorded in every plane begins with the phrase "once upon a time." At the very core of our existence, there has always been a level of fantasy. In one world, there is the existence of a creature called the unicorn. In another, unicorns do not exist. But somehow the reality of beings, events, and lore from one plane finds itself as the fiction of another. And there is but one reason. Planewalkers. They are as real as the stain of breath upon a mirror. Invisible and unknown, their legacy fades just as quickly.
— Bjørn Mortensen , Mirrors of Our Reality

"When did creatures start walking the planes?" is the inevitable first question for the layman Planewalker. They are almost never satisfied with the answer. Why? Because beings have been traversing the planes since the beginning of the planes themselves. Depending on your philosophy of time, multiple dimensions, and realms that are layered within other realms, it can be a complicated question. And even the most ancient of Planewalkers can never pinpoint the exact moment when everything began.

Suffice to say, it started.

There was no guild in those days. Travel was said to be chaotic, and in some cases deadly. For instance, one famously recorded "invasion" of extraplanar beings was recorded in a religious book regarding the union between Planewalkers and human women. This caused a tumultuous moment in that world, due to the offspring being freakish in nature, powerful, and godlike. Another Planewalker, in an attempt to reestablish order, responded with creating a massive flood which wiped out most of the population of that particular world. One member of that world, along with his family survived. Other worlds, feeling similar effects of being tampered with by otherworldly beings, have not.

To date there are a total of 39,312 worlds and 5 dimensions that have been destroyed due to a Planewalker neglecting his/her/it's responsibilities in interplanar conduct. It was found that the sole purpose for such behavior was due to a lack of effort in educating walkers, along with a set of rules and principles that would guide them. The Guild, or, Planewalkers Guild was established due to this growing need.

The exact date and time The Guild was developed, much like the beginning of time and place itself, is knowledge not possessed by the Planewalkers Guild. It is said that one cannot produce chronological history for a people that have the ability to warp time and space itself. Planewalkers are beings that exist outside of time and space, therefore, the entirety of everything is available to them. But despite this ability, Planewalkers that have searched into the beginnings of their craft have disappeared. The Curse, as it is called by seasoned walkers, is taken seriously by The Guild. Only when they feel their journey through investigating the planes is at an end, do they take this rite of passage into the great unknown. The Guild holds a memorial for these individuals, and their names are spoken of with the highest of reverence.

Famous Planewalkers that have taken such a journey include Kyle, the first recorded member of the guild, and also Khot, a legendary Planewalker who for a short period of time repurposed the guild for evil.



These are more frequent members, who typically make the decisions.

GodThe Mighty Megreg : - Prophet

Bio - I was a simple inhabitant of the planet Earth. Well, guess I still am when I wish to be. My name was Mr. Anderson MeGreg. I grew up, had a job, a boring office job. Until some day I got a Fed-Ex package with a cell phone. Well, from there I was arrested and interrogated by some creepy Federal Agent named Jones. After they kicked me free, I was invited to a meeting by a shadowy bunch of people. Their leader, a guy named Morfiouse told me he’d tell me the truth about our existence if I wanted to know. All I had to do was choose between a red pill and a blue pill.

Well, after choosing the red pill, I awoke in a different place or time or planet or plane of existence. Hell, maybe it was all of the above. I had chosen to become a Planewalker, a member of a shadowy group who have pledged their lives to ensuring the integrity of the various planes of existence in the known universe, and the unknown universe too.

I still spend a lot of time on Earth, as it seems to draw an incredible amount of interference. From ancient Sumerian Gods reappearing in modern times, to some military computer system called Skynet that they built themselves, there is always someone trying to mess with their timelines. Even those clowns from the Q Continuum like to try to toy with them when we aren’t watching. It keeps a Planewalker busy! But for me, that’s what I love about this job, getting to catch the guys who thought they could get away with it. I call them Rollo Tamasi’s.

When I’m not busy protecting the Planes, I like to spend my time on the Plane of Godville, at the Guild. Godville is a strange place. The native inhabitants, known as “heroes”, have a symbiotic relationship with a different group, who they know as God’s. A hero spends his time roaming the countryside, ridding it of the millions of monsters that share this world. From time to time, the God will lend his hero some assistance, perhaps healing his injuries, or felling his monster. Sometimes the hero needs an attitude adjustment. I am linked to a hero named Watsonator. He seems like a decent hero, except for his rampant alcoholism. You see, on the plane of Godville, AA has not been invented. The concept of it would blow their minds.

It’s a tough life being a Planewalker, but knowing all the secrets of existence is a fantastic reward. One of my mentors once told me “Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel a temporal incursion around the corner”. That’s the discipline we must live with. Being a Planewalker can be a lonely existence. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy keeping an eye on my hero on Godville when the opportunity arises. It lets us both feel that we are not alone.

As a Planewalker, I have no doubt that someday, my accomplishments will be lost to existence. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time… like tears in the rain. The way it must be.

GodSuki1136 : - Regent

Bio - As I lay on the cold dissection table, I wondered if this was the end? AJ would figure out what made me 'me,' and then throw me into the void. But no, I was spared that ending. Instead, she decided to make me an experiment, one that she hoped would become a very powerful being.

"This might hurt a lot when you wake up," she said as she stuck a needle into my arm.

And then I was out, not knowing what might happen while I was asleep on the table. When I woke up, I didn't realized what had happened at first. I felt an odd pain in my right eye, but could still see out of it. "Ah! You're awake my dear," she exclaimed, "How are you feeling? Does your right eye work?"

"W-What do you mean?" I asked her back.

"Well, its no longer YOU'RE eye anymore, its one with a few... perks," she says with a smile on her face. "Wait, you took out my eye?! What kind of perks?!" I asked furiously.

"You'll find out in due time. In three months time, you'll become what that eye belonged to, we will observe you in the outside world until then," she told me. Then she drugged me again, and when I woke up, I was on the streets of Victorian England, with an eyepatch over my right eye.

Now, you're probably wondering what happened, so I'll gladly tell you. I rented an apartment with some money I found in my pockets, and stayed inside as much as possible. Over the course of three months, strange things started to happen to me. My appearance wasn't changing, it was something inside of me. At night, I would wake up and find myself in a random part of England, and end up having to walk miles back to my apartment. It started to get more frequent as the three month deadline started drawing near, and by then all I wanted was answers. Well, I got them.

I had just gotten home from my late night walk (the one I TOTALLY didn't sign up for), and I heard a knock on my door. I opened it to see a man who was rather well dressed, with an odd half-cloak on and a hood that covered his face.

"Who are you? If you're part of some cult, I don't want any part in it," I said, getting ready to slam the door in his face.

"Please, hear me out will you? I can tell you what's happening to you!" He exclaimed, holding the door open with his foot.

I looked him up and down, and then made my decision.

"Fine, come in," I said, thinking I'd regret this later.

"Thank you. Do you care where I sit?" He asked.

"Nah, find a place that suits your fancy," I said while sitting down on the couch. He sat down on the loveseat across from me.

"So, you don't know what you are, this is correct?" He asked me, wanting to confirm what he already thought.

"Yup, and you can tell me what's happening? Why I'm ending up miles away from here whilst I'm sleeping?" I asked back.

"That is correct. My name is Megreg, and I am what many call a Planewalker," Megreg told me.

"Okay Megreg, my name is Suki. Now what am I?" I asked impatiently.

"Well Suki, it seems you have ALSO become a Planewalker. This means that you can travel to different planes of existence. You are a Goddess," he told me all at once.

"What?" I asked, "How can someone just BECOME a Goddess?"

"I don't really know, but you've managed it. Now, if you want, you can come with me. I will train you to use your powers, and teach you the principles of being a Planewalker," Megreg told me, "Or you could stay here and have many sleepless nights."

It took me a minute to come up with an answer. What if this guy was just BSing me? What if he planned to murder me once I came with him?

"Prove it to me. Show me that we can travel to different planes of existence," I told him.

"Fine," he said as he took my hand, "we'll be there and back."

And then all of a sudden we were in the middle of a desert, and the next second we were back in the apartment.

"Woah," I said in surprise, "Will I be able to do that?"

"Of course, and to different planets as well. But you'll need training, which is why I'm offering it to you. Do you accept?" Megreg asked again.

"Yes, I accept your offer. Now can we get out of here?" I asked him.

"Yes, you won't need anything, so we'll leave right away," he told me, taking my hands for a second time.

We ended up in a type of academy looking place, and he showed my where I'd be staying. Starting that day, I learned how to truly 'become' a Planewalker, and also that I always had to dress nicely and wear the weird half-cloak. It was long and hard, but in the end I made it out of the academy with my skill and knowledge. Upon graduating from the academy, I received a hero that would follow and worship me, and he was named RinOkumura. He is still my devout follower to this day, and I've taken quite a liking to him.

Now, I am a very high ranking member of the Planewalkers, and have taken care of multiple planets and planes, whether I do them good or evil. I always wear nice clothes and the cloak now, I understand that it is to keep your identity safe, yet let others know what I am. I haven't heard much from AJ, but I'm sure some day, our paths will cross again, and I will thank her for what she did that day. Fore she changed my life in a way that I could never have imagined.

This has been my story of how I became a Planewalker, and I hope that, whatever happened to you, you enjoy your life as a Planewalker as well. My name is Suki Kitsune, and I bid you all farewell.

GodLekrut : - Patriarch

Bio -

GodAngel Malfoy : - Patriarch

Bio - So most people know me as Angel Malfoy, but the truth is I was born as Angel Jones-Smith-McBoringName, and I lived in the single most normal, dull, nonexciting Plane that has ever existed. I was your average girl, no different from any other on my home Plane, until one fateful day when I slipped on a comically placed banana while walking home from school. Instead of hitting the hard concrete sidewalk I was expecting to, I somehow landed on a soft patch of grass. I had managed to fall into a completely different Plane, one much more fantastic than the one I had come from.

This Plane could never be described as dull. It was full of witches and wizards and magical feasts, full of goblins and ghosts and magical beasts, of spells and enchantments, potions and…well, you get the point. There were normal, non magic people too, but they aren’t really important to this story. These magical people assumed that my abilities as a Planewalker (a term I wouldn’t learn until much later) were simply magic as they knew it, and so accepted me readily. I loved these magical people on this amazing Plane, and so I stayed with them for quite a while (though they did have their flaws, don’t get me wrong. They used birds to send mail and used ink pots and quills, despite the availability of the internet and ball point pens. Its an esthetic thing, most people learn not to ask…).

I eventually dropped my last name and took a new one: Malfoy (obviously no relation to the Malfoy family of Wiltshire, they just have a kickass name that I jacked). In this time I used my Planewalking ability with reckless abandon, not knowing what would soon come from it. Basically I caused a bunch of random stuff that, well…kinda caused this really evil wizard to come back to life and try to take over the world. My bad. Thankfully some random kid with glasses and his two pals killed the guy and got me out of that trouble, but I had learned that I needed to be more responsible with my power, and so I traveled over a hundred Planes, searching for someone with my abilities who could teach me.

Finally I found the Plane that houses Godville, and more importantly, the Planewalkers Guild. They took me in and taught me that I must use my power to police the multitude of Planes that exists, lest they fall into ruin (I’ve never lived down what happened in that first Plane. Turns out that glasses kid wrote a biography series about what happened under the pen name J.K. Rowling. Sigh). I grew used to my responsibility as a member of the great Planewalkers Guild and serve them faithfully to this day. I also have an interesting relationship with this guy named Luka Zess. I happened to Walk into his path one day and he instantly declared that I must be a powerful Goddess and that he wished to serve me as a hero and do great deeds in my name. Sure, why not. He’s a bit of a lush and has a problem with dying, but he has grown on me a bit.

So that is my story, completely true and not a bad one if I say so. I can usually be found either in the Guild in Godville, minding my Planes, minding good old Luka, or somewhere between nowhere and everywhere.

GodDarthChair : - Patriarch

Bio - A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, existed a furniture store. This furniture store was known for its exotic tables and chairs, futons, patio umbrellas, and other rather nice ornamental pieces you could place in your living room. Looking for the perfect balance between comfort and productivity, a certain Sith Lord was perusing the store's wears for a desk chair. He stopped as he immediately discovered that something called "The Force" was quite strong in a darkly colored, mahogany chair that appeared to look as if it was about to stab the one seated upon it to death with a great deal of jagged splinters.

"Perfect!" he growled, yellow eyes blazing as he lifted the store clerk up into the air with flick of his wrist. Despite the man's constant struggling with the whole crushing of his esophagus thing going on, he still managed to blurt out that the chair was rather expensive. Two thousand credits. It was a cursed chair. And cursed items decidedly cost a lot of money and didn't fall within the guidelines of the company's return policy. The Sith Lord soon flung the hapless corpse across the room and quickly had the more than helpful sales team to pack it up and prepare it to be shipped to the Sith Academy on Korriban.

The chair never did arrive. Instead it remained packed within a derelict freighter that had been attacked by pirates working for the Hutt Cartel. When they opened the crate, the leader of the space brigands decided that this chair would be the most appropriate for the meanest, toughest sod in the galaxy. He ordered it moved onto his ship to replace his command chair, and upon sitting upon it, died quite painfully. This caused the crew to quickly try to unseat the captain and place themselves upon the Captain's chair for he who is worthy of sitting upon the command chair is worthy of command. Not a one survived.

And so the evil chair had nothing better to do than to sit and wait to be discovered. And discovered he was when a Planewalker randomly appeared and snatched him up, promising the chair that he would make a wonderful Planewalker one day. And that is exactly what DarthChair has been.


That said, DarthChair was quite popular at parties. And also it is rumored that Harold P Brown once got his idea for the electric chair after watching a horrific death of a homeless man taking a moment's reprieve upon the "devil's chair."

DarthChair does not talk. He does not appear to have any appendages other than his chair legs, but they do not appear to move. However there is certainly a feeling that this chair is self aware, and has a powerful urge to kill you. It also knows some wonderful knock knock jokes.

GodSwowsss  : - Hierarch

Bio - We are old. Memory has blurred the lines of past and present, lore and history. We don't remember where we came from, or how long ago, our beginning had become hazy. A white world, and a war for resources. Drums, constantly beating, as the kill squads came, hoping to catch us after we phased when our enegry was low. They wounded us once, an arrow through our leg. We have walked with a limp since. They hunted us for years as our power grew, until a massive pull, and we crushed the world between our fingers. And then, nothing... the shifts through time and space are heavy on the our body. Nothing is free, and the price is paid for immortality and power. The voices, like shadows in an empty house, are growing stronger with each phase. They are the dead, our body count, crying out for our blood. Our world has grown dim, losing its light. We are perhaps the oldest of the walkers, older still then the guild, older still then the war of the walkers, of order and chaos. We stood on the sidelines and watched as the walkers destroyed whole worlds, whole universes. Whole levels of existence in the attempt to bring those who had strayed to heel. History is written by the victors, and we are to old to remember the truth of those days. The guild has grown in power and unity, clearing the path of our ancient sins, keeping the powers in check. They seem resilient to the damage strafing through time reeks, yet perhaps it is the restraint they place. We were chaos incarnate. We have seen a thousand worlds, and destroyed a thousand more... when we pass out of existence, there will be no great ceremony for us, for the guild, while it has offered us protection in our waning years, will never forgive us of our horrors. The drums will beat for us again.

GodLER92 : - Hierarch

GodFpirateninja : - Cardinal

GodKing of Cups : - Master

GodDrakolich : - Recruit