Pixie rust

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Artifacts of Godville
Pixie rust
Bottle of refined Pixie Rust, carelessly spilled by a hero
Type 🧷Normal
Description Unknown

The Pixie Rust is a substance with many uses and benefits to those who know how to use it, heroes usually having no idea about the properties of this otherwise unassuming powder. Useful in the creation of bombs, firearms, and the spiciest of chili dishes, its bright red color and warmth to the touch makes it easily distinguished from regular old rust.

Raw Pixie Rust is very dangerous and highly volatile, as exposure to stupidity causes it to spontaneously combust, making this a challenge to farm for the vast majority of heroes. In addition to this, the only known source of raw Pixie Rust are dangerous fairy monsters, most notable among them the Tinkerhells.

Despite the risks of obtaining and the many uses of this item, merchants are often able to finagle a hero out of the actual worth of Pixie Rust due to extreme obliviousness.