Pixel Hunter

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Monsters of Godville
Pixel Hunter
Venandi Pixelus
Experienced pixel hunters get horn on their helmets.
Class Hunter, Bandit, Orc
Habitat Near arcades, ravines
Description Destroys pixels

The Pixel Hunter (Venandi Pixelus) is a monster that hunts and destroys arcade games, or anything else that is pixelated. Ironically, however, these orcs are pixelated as well, but they seem to ignore that fact.


The Pixel Hunters hunt in groups and often ambush their prey, which is typically a Pixel or something that uses pixelated graphics. Many who enjoy computer graphics learn to hate these 16-bit monsters and they are often seen as annoying or downright cruel. In Los Adminos, they are marked as "Kill on Sight". They are often seen wielding swords, bows, or magic staffs. Pixel Hunters who become experienced enough and gain a reputation for destroying billions of pixels will have two horns attached to their helmet, signifying experience and will often be viewed as leaders or role models. Pixel Hunters also only allow members of their hunting packs with such status to reproduce, believing the flawed statement that the best of the best will produce equally successful offspring.



  • 2D bodies make them hard to hit.
  • Can destroy any pixelated image.
  • Can wield a decent array of weapons.


  • Simple-minded
  • Unaware that their own kind are pixelated.

Field Notes

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