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An article which needs a picture will have a box at the top saying:

« This article needs one or more pictures to be added to it. To help Godville wiki, please consider adding suitable pictures" »

If you can't find or don't have a suitable picture for an article, you should mark the top of the page with "{{picture}}" In order to add a picture and remove this tag, you need to follow the instructions here to upload and add the picture to the page. You then delete this tag and, hey presto, the box at the top of the page has gone and it is removed from the following list.

List of articles which need pictures

How to add a Picture / Image to a Page, Help

Step 1: Save the picture to your computer. For these instructions we have named the picture Sample.jpg.

Step 2: Click on the Upload file link to the left.


Step 3: Click on the Browse button.


Step 4: Click on your image file and click open.


Step 5: Add a summary (if you choose) and click Upload file.


Step 6: A screen will open with the name of your file.


Step 7: Add the code [[Image:Sample.jpg]] to your page of choice. The image should appears as this:


For instructions on how to move the image to the right of the screen, shrink the image size, put a caption, and many other things, see Creators Manual#Images.