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Heroes will automatically give their new pet a name. Due to their intelligence, heroes can never think of original names, so they often name their new companions after other famous animals. If your hero has completed their ark, you will be able to give any of your hero's pets a name of your choice, along with being able to store any pet safely in the ark, but until then (or until you get around to giving it another name), any pets your hero tames will be given one of these names.

Alongside the pet's name, shown after it in quotation marks, is the pet's personality. This changes every 3 levels, and can't be influenced or changed at all.

Below is a list of all the possible names a hero may choose to name his pet, and what they say about that particular creature. Note that neither the name nor the personality of a pet has any actual game effect; this is just for fun.

List of Hero-Chosen Pet Names

Name Description
Baloo For really big scary pets that are timid. Usually not battle-ready but are really friendly and playful.
Behemoth Only a colossally stupid hero would name their pet this. Giving a battle-hardened monster the ego of a biblical giant beast is never a good idea.
Bess A loyal pet.
Blaze A name given to pets with a fiery temper.
Bolt Often given to canine pets who can release bursts of speed without problem, but may have occasional periods of delusion where they mix up reality with their imaginary adventures.
Boo An innocent name for an innocent brute. For young pets who love to play.
Buck Normally so lucky that it finds bucks on the floor at random times.
Chewy Chews on monsters a lot which leads to it being knocked out more than other pets.
Chip Like to annoy their heroes by searching for things in bushes. Also the name may be given to smaller mammals rather than larger ones. May be part of a duo.
Cuddles Pets who love to cuddle are often given this name.
Cupil Not the misspelling of a flying naked boy shooting arrows all over the place, but the name of a companion fabled to possess the ability to transform into various weapons to help out its master. Often given to pets who are jacks of all trades.
Dino A dinosaur on the battle field being deadly, ferocious, and flat out terrifying so if you fight a dino look out!
Dogmeat Not the most motivational of names. These depressed creatures are ugly but very good in battle. Usually found in junkyards
Dumbo This name is given to a pet with abnormally large ears.  Not good for hearing but might be used for flying purposes.
Fang Often given to pets who are more bite than bark... or growl/hiss/roar, depending on the species.
Felix From the latin for 'lucky', a 'Felix' usually enjoys cat food and causing the odd bit of mischief.
Fido A loyal pet, though a little annoying as it always wants to lick you in the face.
Fire A pet that might resemble a box shape and is hard to move but if they land on your enemy count on health to go away.
Glargo Despite the strange name, usually quite docile.
Gleep A pet that is a combination of sleep and glory: he will bring you glory but afterwards he will sleep!!! (from the myth series)
Iago Tends to be cheerful. It heals quickly, and heals the hero, but won't actually fight.
Koda Not a misspelling of the name of a certain dwarfish green sage, but a name that means "Friend" or "Companion" in a Native American dialect. Suitable for pets that are really more like good buddies, though this name is more often given to a Bipolar Bear or Solar Bear.
Nessie Probably a shy monster, usually with a long neck.
Nibbler Masquerades as an innocent, cute, and unintelligent pet, but in rare circumstances it breaks its undercover identity and becomes super-intelligent, equipped with unique technology, and exhibits strange supernatural abilities.
Nipper May bite but only little nips while young. Should you encourage this behavior, it can be developed into a fearsome biter. Be warned: it has been know to bite friend and foe alike!
Null A pet that is a zero. It is easily passed over for seeming to have no ability. Yet that is what makes this pet so deadly for it can strike without being noticed
Olwyn Pets with this name may are often quite playful but don't mistake their playfulness for weakness. They are fiercely loyal companions and love to chew on anyone or thing that may disturb their masters.
Oy A creature from a different world, can imitate speech to a degree and makes your ka-tet complete. If you feed it, it will follow you forever.
Pinky For the more intellectually challenged of pets. A 'Pinky' may be overfond of making startlingly silly noises such as 'NARF!'.
Pumba From the swahili word for 'to be foolish', probably a large and cumbersome animal. 
Rex Generally good-natured and may be able to glide well. Possibly lizard-like.
Sandy These pets tend to be red in color with squirrel-like actions and a love of water.
Scrat Small and paranoid. Likes to try and hide acorns.
Scratchy Always gets attacked by angry mice, inspires tons of sympathy
Shelby A loyal and affable pet.
Simba For those pets that look like royalty.
Sneezy One of seven siblings, who often suffers from nasal discomfort; may scare away monsters with constant sneezing.
Snowy Snowy is a name given to a cold hearted creature, usually joins the hero more out of boredom than
Snuffles May be given to a medium to large canine of dark coloring. Possible has the ability to turn into a man if the hero is in danger. Also they are very reckless, but fun loving.
Sooba Sooba's are sweet and devoted pets, though tend to rely on being cute as a distraction rather than being of any use, they make good paper weights
Sparky Hyperactive and fun but very dangerous if you have a pacemaker. 
Stitch Usually evil but fluffy and cute at the same time. A 'Stitch' is probably an alien predator masquerading as a dog. 
Stubby What some heroes think is a "cute" name for a pet that has lost a limb in combat. Usually hurts the pet's ego and sours the hero-pet relationship a lot instead.
Sven Very loyal and protective of his master
Tigger These furry carnivores live fast and die young.
Timon From the greek for 'he who respects', sometimes picks up strange words to utter such as 'Hakuna Matata'.
Toto These guys usually just follow the owner around. Nothing too special.
Woody Has a strange penchant for headbutting things, especially wood. Woodys are extremely amiable, so know that you've got a friend in him.