Penultimate Samurai

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Monsters of Godville
Penultimate Samurai
p en ultimum Samurai
Description Unknown

The Penultimate Samurai is a warrior of a destroy land, it was thought that sarcastic samurai was the last one, this warrior came to fight for his honor and sushi don't forget sushi, he has a great sight seems he pocked an eye while running with scissors he is the penultimate warrior.

He enters godville searching for mighty heroes challenge them and break their heads with a wood sword, also looking for beautiful heroines and fight with them to the death.


  • Headstrong: he is very successful against words he doesn't understand
  • Opportunists: he always see the time to attack a noob hero
  • OMNISPLASH: he starts jumping on water, making his enemies sick


  • Harakiri: he kills himself when loosing a fight