Pathological honesty

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Skills of Godville
Pathological honesty
Type 💸Trade
Description Unknown

The Pathological honesty is one of the trade skills your heroes can learn. The hero or heroine who possesses this skill is unable to convey any sort of dishonesty, lie, fib, ruse, trick, etc. and are literally honest to a fault. They have learned that "honesty is the best policy" and use it to their advantage to earn discounts in shops.


Level 1-5

The hero has what most describe as honest eyes and/or an honest smile and tends to say things that are true-but-depressing things, such as quoting the statistics for how likely it is you'll die by <insert totally obscure, off-the-subject way to die here>.

Level 6-10

The hero or heroine will be described by his friends as "the most honest person I know", but the skill does not earn the hero a discount.

Level 11-15

The hero is able to force one shopkeeper in town per calendar day to be honest with the price of up to one item- whether bought or sold.

Level 16 - 20

Most traders will feel compelled to give the hero a 1% on all items across the board.

<is it 1% or 10%>

Level 21+

Traders are forced to allow the hero to get items at the "family & friends" discount, up to 50%, depending on the shopkeeper's ability to tolerate the brutal power of the honesty from the hero.