Passage of the Last Man Lying

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The Passage of the Last Man Lying is a road in the west, known by many and travelled by none. The passage is haunted by the screams of murdered prisoners.


The Passage became cursed during a time when there was a small war in Godville. The town guards were traitors, and when the monsters bribed them, the traitors made a road called Death Road. The guards took some POW's here and beat them to death for the enjoyment of the monsters. The guards made the humans play a game that always resulted in death. They would yell, "LIE DOWN!!". Whoever got on the floor last, got shot. The game's name was Last Man Lying.

After the war, this road was used as a simple way to get to the River Kraktor. Soon though, there were screams and bullet shots heard all over the place. When the people found out that it was haunted, nobody went back. It has been abandoned ever since. Nowadays, only really brave Heroes go there, usually those who are evil and don't mind fighting hordes of Monsters.


A bloodless section of the trail.

The passage stretches from the River Kraktor in the west, halfway to Godville.

The passage looks just like any other nature trail. It is filled with trees, flowers, sunshine, and monsters. The only differences are the screams and and permanent bloodstains on the ground. Other than that, it's normal. Endless screams and howlings from the ghosts of tortured souls can be heard day and night. It is recommended for heroes to simply go around the place rather than through it.

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