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Artifacts of Godville
Parallel universe navigator
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Description Warning. Results can be random !

The quirky and little Parallel universe navigator is what Gods use to communicate with and keep track of their Heroes.

Earlier versions simply had a button labeled 'Smite'.

It's extremely important to calibrate this device accurately, but even then, the results can be a might unpredictable.

The desired result can be seen on this picture

Be sure to read the instructions properly and take care when calibrating the Gain and Frequency to make contact with the correct Hero in the correct Multiverse.

It is also absolutely essential to punch in the Bypass, and to set Oscillation exactly right. Read the freaking manual (RTFM).

Gods who forgot this simple precaution have known to have breached the Fourth Wall and found themselves on the very streets of Godville, surrounded by very angry Heroes with very sharp swords, all bellowing... "Here, we want a word with you!"

Fortunately, the standard issue God Rescue Vehicle can be used to recover from such a blow-back of the Reality Dysfunction.

Parallel universe5.jpg

As seen in the Godville Times #1613

Rumors abound that there are five golden tickets to the magical artifact factory, each hidden inside a Parallel Universe Navigator. Traders will do anything for a chance to win such a valuable prize.