Pantheon of Storytelling

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Pantheons of Godville
Pantheon of Storytelling
Type Long Term
Tracks Chronicles' quality
Requirement 10 chronicle ratings
Number of Positions 500
Updates Twice Daily

The Pantheon of Storytelling is the Pantheon where heroines and heroes are ranked by the average rating of their Hero's Chronicles. It was created on 470 GE (August 23, 2011) as the Pantheon of Storytellers,[1] and was given its current name in the Pantheon reorganisation of May 2012.[2]

It is one of the game's long-term Pantheons, and by far the smallest of the non-Guild Pantheons, with only 500 positions available for all the Goddesses and Gods that have ever played Godville. Only a tiny fraction of the game's deities will ever hold a place in this most exclusive Pantheon.

Storytelling Score

When visiting a Goddess or God's chronicles, you have the opportunity to rate them from 1 to 5 stars if your heroine have reached level 12. When a chronicle has at least 10 of these ratings, it becomes eligible for a Storytelling score, which is the average of all ratings received. This average determines your position on the Pantheon of Storytelling.

When viewing the Pantheon on mobile, only this average will be shown. However, the desktop version of the page also shows the number of votes, since the larger the number of votes, the more stable the average. The Pantheon is updated twice daily at the same time as the Pantheon of Unity, at 08:30 and 20:30 UTC.

Reliability and Consistency of the Ranking

Many new chronicles, having arrived on the Pantheon by the votes of ten (or a few more) friends and guildmates, begin with an average rating close to 5, and so make their debut right at the top of the pantheon. They soon, however, drop like a stone because of one of the key aspects of the pantheon.

Once you appear near the top, your chronicles are now in the spotlight; the attention of the wider public of Godville will now fall upon them. You can be helped up to the top easily to begin with, but staying there is a different matter altogether. Only the chronicles actually worth a top place in the pantheon generally stay where they are.

Many people tend to vote at the extreme, preferring the 5-star and the 2-star rating (they don't want to feel guilty or overly-harsh) since the scoring of a chronicle is inherently difficult due to the qualitative analysis involved (in other words, people find it hard to give a rating which reflects their opinion when they have to rate on a certain scale, and uncertainty increases with the size of the scale). This means that if you don't drop like a stone in the pantheon, you'll probably float around the same area fairly consistently.

Some people are concerned about trolls who may down-rate chronicles without even reading them, or because they don't like that particular person or their guild. This is yet another reason why more votes means more reliability, because with enough fair votes, the effects of the trolls tend to be smoothed out. The average is the key. The fact remains though that the top of the pantheon will remain dynamic as opposed to the more static Pantheons like the Pantheon of Construction.

Improving Your Storytelling Score

Once you have appeared in the Pantheon, you may quickly find your position falling to somewhere outside the top 20 to 50 chronicles. Once out of these higher positions, the chances that strangers will read and rate your chronicles on their own falls dramatically. So, even as you continue to work on, improve, and expand them, like any writer, you are forced to actively promote your work if you wish to see your Storytelling rank climb.

Improving Your Chronicles

Approaching one or more people you think will give you good criticism — not someone who will simply tell you it's good — is very important. Remember, you do not want to hear that it's good, you want to hear how it can be better. This may be difficult sometimes, but only ever hearing positive feedback limits your growth.

More people will read (and rate) your chronicles if they are on the shorter side. Many of the chronicles at the top of the Pantheon are quite long, but many of them didn't start that way. Focus at first on telling a good, short story, and telling it to your absolute best ability. Go back and edit yourself repeatedly before you continue writing more. Seek advice, and guidance, and listen to it.

Attracting More Ratings

While it is possible that, when you improve your chronicles, some people will reread them and increase their rating, this is uncommon and has very little impact on your average. If you want to climb the Pantheon of Storytelling, attracting new readers and ratings is required.

Of course, your friends and guildmates are one source of ratings, but won't be enough.

Participating in forum threads about chronicles, giving thoughtful, kindly phrased, but helpful feedback to others, and openly asking on the forums for feedback, advice, or ratings, are all good ways to increase the visibility of your chronicles, and increase your chances of climbing the ranks of the Storytelling Pantheon.


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