Pantheon of Wordcraft

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Pantheons of Godville
Pantheon of Wordcraft
Type Short Term
Tracks Word collected
Requirement One word
Number of Positions Unlimited
Updates Hourly
Let’s continue from where we left off with a present for the “warriors of pen and paper”. Welcome the Pantheon of Wordcraft — a place to compare the progress of the next major goal.
Godville Blog, post 131: Holiday News
Here you can see the proud boss-owning heroes progressing towards their next major accomplishment: composing a sacred book. New words for it are learned while sleeping in town, by completing sidejobs and from runs in Datamine. The more full words in the book, the higher the rank.
— Inscription over the Pantheon of Wordcraft 

The Pantheon of Wordcraft is based on how many words each hero has in their book. Heroes with more words have a higher rank. Those who have completed their book are listed in the order they completed it in, with the oldest books first.

Long Term Gratitude • Might • Templehood • Gladiatorship • Storytelling
Short Term Mastery • Construction • Taming • Survival • Savings • Creation • Destruction • Arkeology • Catch • Wordcraft • Duelers
Guild Unity • Popularity • Duelery • Adventure
Former Greed • Aggressiveness