Pack of "Are We There Yet?" stickers

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Artifacts of Godville
Pack of "Are We There Yet?" stickers
Type 🧷Normal
Description Are we there yet?

This infinitely-annoying, gold-plated unlimited-edition Pack of "Are We There Yet" stickers was issued by the "How useless is your hero" forums under the auspices of the Godville Administration, birthplace of every hero.

Each and every hero is tasked with the job of having to design their idea of the perfect sticker prior to being level 5, and are not allowed to advance until they have done so. These stickers are all made of a typical paper and adhesive made strong enough to be reusable a maximum of zero times. Each edition is available until Godville Printing Press, Inc. decides to go out of business, but being as they are responsible for the distribution and layout of the Godville Times as well as the actual printing and publication of each and every GodWiki page, this will not happen anytime soon.

In its original sealed plastic with all receipts, it contains a certificate which reads "Are We There Yet?" and comes suitable for framing. It also contains the required contract, which reads that upon receipt, the hero must hand out at least one entire sheet of stickers before midnight, or somewhere a butterfly will flap its wings and no one will be around to hear it. Your hero is sure to pass these stickers out to everyone he or she comes into contact with by using it to affix a note torn out of the diary page to another hero's back saying something like "Kick Me," "Monster Bait," or some equally humiliating phrase. Heroes also tend to decorate their diaries with them, or at least use them to fill in gaps in their records of the day's events. However, each pack has an infinite supply, and it is literally impossible to ever run out of them.