Pac Man

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Monsters of Godville
Pac Man
Cartoonus Pixelatus
Class Pixelated Character
Habitat Local arcades
Description A gluttonous video game character

The Pac Man (Cartoonus Pixelatus) is a monster that arrived in GodVille from an arcade machine malfunctioning in Monstro City. It looks like a yellow ball with a mouth that makes it look like a pie. It travels only horizontally and can only rotate in the four cardinal directions. Whenever it moves, it's mouth repeatedly opens and closes and will eat anything in its path.

General Information

If a hero sees large, floating dots appear around them, that means the Pac Man is nearby, since the Pac Man follows and eats the dots. Heroes are recommended to approach with caution, as this monster has been known to eat things indiscriminately and is responsible for countless hero deaths. Because of this, some heroes have been known to lure the Pac Man into cemeteries and convince ghosts to attack the Pac Man. If the ghosts attack the monster, the Pac Man will unfold and vanish while making a bizarre screech that sounds electronic and warped. Then, after a short while, the Pac Man will reawaken until this strategy is repeated two more times. After that, the Pac Man will die and the only way to revive it is to insert fifty gold into the arcade machine it was born from.

But, some of the floating dots that appear wherever the Pac Man is are abnormally large and grant the Pac Man a strange ability. It causes all nearby ghosts to turn dark blue and slowly wander the area, allowing them to be eaten by the Pac Man. Since ghosts are already dead, this causes the ghosts to retreat to their graves as a pair of two floating eyes and revert back to how they typically are after reaching said grave.



  • Indiscriminate diet
  • Fairly quick and large
  • Three lives


  • Limited movement
  • Ghosts
  • Must be revived by paying gold after losing all three lives.
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