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 Motto: Critical hit!
 Alignment: Peaceful
 Headquarters: Godville
 Social Level: Very Very Very Very low  

OverWorld was founded the day dice were rolled. Not in a casino betting of all your money, but as a reenactment of each others life with luck, strategy, and talk. I am talking about role playing. Many heroes quickly learned that this is much less painful, embarrassing, and hard than real life and began celebrating the fact. They began to experiment with more than just them selves and created more. Wizards, dwarves, elves, and much more. All the way up until it became exactly what you see today.


OverWorld breaks out into two words. Over, and World. These break out into very complicated meanings. Why? Because better life was already taken. Over means over the top, or in other words. More. World is not just where we live, but how we live it. A basic understanding is life, but it is much more complicated than that. So complicated that Dr. Sheldon Cooper would have to dedicate his entire life to this to find the answer. And it would certainly not come out as a few god wiki worthy paragraphs. To sum it up in a few words, OverWorld stands for more than life, and better (Not to mention more fun).


For hundreds of years heroes have been pretending about better lives to distract them from their own. One man was inspired by this, and in 1967 created an organization to get people to get together and reenact an assault on Godville. In 1968, he decided to host a convention about this. That same year, they printed a news paper about reenactments of life, and how to play this "game". In 1970, a hero named Dave Arneson created a different scenario that all could use. He called it Blackmoor. In 1971 they created a full set with rules including man to man combat, which was expanded in 1972. This new version allowed not only monsters and heroes, but the use of magic. This was the first official fantasy game. In 1972 the game was designedly called Heroes and Monsters, but few knew of it. For years the game was mostly unknown no matter how much people tried.

In 1974, news finally got out. As the first ever rpg, everyone knew of the new Heroes, and Monsters influencing heroes, magic users, and clerics, played by humans, elves, halflings, dwarves, with levels, hit points, spells, ac, alignments and more! This became the most popular thing for ages. The year after, the founder suffered a fatal heart attack and died. Ever since then, people inspired by him made an advanced version, and many more rpg's. Even today more rpgs are being made today!

Head quarters

The headquarters of OverWorld is mostly In DM's houses. Most of which are in Godville inside away from other people. Lower rank people simply learn and play the game, while hire ranks people are in charge of organizing events, and the very above, Adviser and hire, are in charge of creating more games.


OverWorld is, has been, and always will be a proud standing guild. Responsible for role playing games, and not being social. We stand high, and are proud of our elder creators.


This article gave a rough history of D&D (Heroes and monsters). For a full and possibly more acerbate history, visit http://www.enworld.org/forum/general-rpg-discussion/275042-semi-brief-history-d-d-some-other-rpgs-1967-1979-a.html