Oval Lord

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Monsters of Godville
Oval Lord
Dominus ovalis
Class Geometrical figures
Habitat Ubiquitous
Totem for Equinox ⚜️ 
Description Master of elliptical objects in the physical realm

The Oval Lord (Dominus ovalis) is a monster that is a master of elliptical objects in the physical realm.


Most squares cower in fear and awe when in the presence of an Oval Lord. This monstrosity can form into many shapes with it's plasmic oval structure. Various ovals commonly seen by heroes are: lasso loops, portals, speakers, and eggs.

The Oval Lord fights by sending its little oval-underlings to shoot countless amounts of ovals into its enemy. Some of these get wasted as it continues to use some like frisbees but thankfully, so far it hasn't been able to get any to come back. Those that do strike then rip out the guts of the enemy and use them to hog tie the enemy in a particularly unpleasant way. Furthermore, all the wee ovals rattling around inside it before being released can create massive amounts of static electricity which can be used to zap its enemies and give them severe hair control issues.


Since the creation of Godville the Oval Lord has always been. Some say that he has even had a say in how things were created! Without him we would possibly just be a world of squares...



  • He is everywhere.


  • Circles confuse the hell out of it as it thinks it may be in love with one. Consequently, Venn Diagrams are a major distraction as it is simply too indecent not to look at.
  • Doesn't like Parallelograms, Trapezoids, Hexagons, Octagons, in fact anything oblong. Just thinking about the square on the hypotenuse makes it go all ooky.
  • Octopi (don't ask)
  • Can be bribed by giving it a large mug of Ovaltine.
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