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Outbreak is a roleplay taking place in the flame lounge. This page is used to store information about the RP.


Note: I am not highly educated about anything written below. I'm aware these events would never actually play out as listed. I'm only trying to make a somewhat interesting story.

April 3, 2027

Tensions between North and South Korea have reached boiling point. War breaks lose. Other nations are hesitant to join the conflict due to the ever-present threat of nuclear war.

April 6, 2027

The United States becomes the first nation to declare war on North Korea, hoping to start a chain-reaction among other nations and overwhelm North Korea.

April 7, 2027

The US authorizes the sending of troops to South Korea. Other nations are supporting South Korea, but are still hesitant to declare war.

April 9, 2027

North Korea utilizes a synthesized virus designed to make people much more aggressive, actively attacking other people. The plan is for South Korea to tear itself apart. When this news breaks, most major nations decide to draw the line and declare war.

April 11, 2027

The virus spreads faster than anyone expected. In a matter of days South Korea is overrun with the infected, but not before hundreds of thousands are evacuated.

April 16, 227

Several European and Asian cities have outbreaks of the virus. Over the next few months they continue to struggle with the virus, but that problem seems distant to America. That couldn’t possibly happen here…

Rules and Stuff

Basic RP rules apply. This is supposed to be as realistic as a fun, zombie apocalypse RP can be, so keep it believable. All events will be determined by the roll of a dice (including the reactions and various things about NPCs, though I will be “playing” then). Due to this, many actions will require you to wait for me to post before moving forward in the RP (Such as some fighting scenes looting places). Please be patient. There is literally no storyline to follow at all. It’s up to you to make your own story by playing.

Description of Area

The RP takes place in a fictional section of North Carolina, USA.


The main city, Greenstone, is medium-sized, with several large skyscrapers but mostly mid-sized buildings (30 floors at most). The city slowly gets smaller the farther you get from the center (except to the east, as the main part of the city is on the coast).


To the west there is mainly forest, aside from a few houses and cabins. The Greenstone River runs through the forest.


To the north is the small city of Blueburg. Blueberg contains only a few moderately mid-sized buildings and mostly small buildings. The Greenstone River runs just west of the city.


To the South is mostly farmland. A few houses and farms are spread throughout the area, but nothing major. The Greenstone River cuts straight through the area before emptying into the Atlantic.

Character Sheet

Name: Your character’s name (first and last)

Age: Your character’s age

Appearance: How your character looks

Profession: Your character’s job, if they have one

Place of residence: Choose one of the locations listed earlier

Family/Close Friends: Anyone your character would probably want to find if a zombie apocalypse happened to break out. ;)

Skills: Any special skills your character may possess

Other (optional): Anything else about your character you think should be mentioned


All players and info about their characters are listed here.

Colt Milford


Age: 27

Appearance: Colt has blonde hair swept to the side, and green eyes. He wears dark sunglasses and a white undershirt, along with camouflage pants. He is tan and tall, with a muscular build.

Profession: He was an Olympic martial artist representing the United States. He only participated for one year due to luck.

Place of Residence: The woods

Family/Close Friends: A wife and a brother

Skills: Martial arts, is deft with his fingers and can do various things such as origami, piano, and speed typing.

Other: He is calm and patient, but when he gets mad, HE GETS MAD.

Justin Elswhyr


Age: 15

Appearance: Just is skinny and barely tanned. He stands at 5’11, and has extremely curly, light brown hair that only appears to stretch down to his shoulders, however, when straightened, it’s down past the middle of his back. He likes to wear jeans or sweatpants, with a T-shirt under an oversized hoodie. His blue eyes sit behind oval glasses.

Profession: Student, part-time landscaper

Place of residence: South

Family/Close Friends: Uncle (Matt), Cousin (Ryan), Father (Johnny), Uncle (Jon)

Skills: Exceptional handling of many weapons. Very smart

Other: Lacking in strength. Very clumsy.

John Miller


Age: 15

Appearance: Short, brown hair. Scars all over his face, missing right eye. Always wears black cloths including gloves.

Profession: Student

Place of residence: South

Family/Close Friends: Parents, brother, sister (Jane)

Skills: Excellent eyesight

Jason Todd


Age: 29

Appearance: Brown, messy hair and green eyes. His skin tanned and a built body from his work as a woodchopper. Don’t be fooled by his age, he actually looks like a man on his mid 30’s, surprisingly.

Profession: Attempted to be a soldier, but instead he now works as a woodchopper.

Place of residence: The northern city of Blueburg.

Family/Close Friends: He lives alone in his apartment. His mom and dad lives in the west, establishing a retirement home for other elders.

Skills: He aquired some survivalist skills during his training. He has a moderate skill for guns and a fairly high expertise with melee weapons. He also developed some body strength.

Other: During his training, he was assigned a German Shepherd. Since he never finished it, the dog was reassigned to another soldier. But the dog was so bonded to his old trainer, that he had trouble coping with the new one. He became stubborn, not listening to orders or cooperating. The dog was forced to be assigned to Jason once more, because he was no use to the army. Jason ended up with a German Shepherd, named Kip.

Lina Riza

GodDivine Stalker 

Age: 26

Appearance: Average height, short red hair, tan chest, average chest, dark brown steel toe boots, back cargo pants, brown tool belt with various tools on it, dark brown tank top, overalls and a dark blue denim jacket.

Profession: Mechanic and Engineer

Place of residence: A mechanic shop at Blueburg.

Family/Close Friends: Mother and Father Older Brother, in the military.

Skills: Knows how to repair most electronics, vehicles and some weapons. Skilled driver. Has some military training from her older brother.

Theresa Delphino


Age: 28

Appearance: 6'1, red hair, blue eyes

Profession: Police officer

Place of Residence: Blueburg

Family/Close Friends: two sisters: Kyleen and Vera

Skills: vehicle and gun maintenance, close combat & marksmanship training, driving and handling

NPCs, Events, ect.

GodDivine Porcupine 

Rolls the dice and tells what happens.