Organization XIII

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Organization XIII
Alignment: Depends on YOU
Gold Fund: 26146 c.u.
Date Founded: 2012
Membership Count: 103
Town with Greatest Influence: Los Adminos (2%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 1 (In the near future...)
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 1 (Soon...)
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 1 (Maybe tomorrow...)
Guild Page: Organization XIII 
Data current as of 19th April 2013

Welcome to Organization XIII


Our Guild

The group comprises of heroes without hearts.

We are just a group of "Nobodies".

⚔ Organization XIII A History ⚔

A band of Villains, of heartless nobodies: cut-throats, thieves, spies, assassins, and brawlers, (and that was just their Leader;) thirteen in number, were well on the way to becoming an ineptly organised, but effective and wealthy, criminal operation.

The only thing the Original 13 loved more than battling each other, was terrorising their respective, trademarked, territories and, (with varying levels of success,) their attempts at becoming outright Warlords. They also did a healthy side-business in: capturing Heroes; disrupting Kingdoms-Saving-Quests; Contracts; Blackmail; as well as the more traditional forms of crime and mayhem.

They even did some, pro bono work; particularly with regards to thwarting any and all plans of a particularly troublesome Mage. Adding insult to incessant meddling, this Sorcerer had been trapped in the shape of a human-sized, white, duck-man-creature. This bizarre Wizard had interfered with too many plans, of the now, creatively named, "Organization XIII". As a result, disrupting this Mage's, 'Good Works,' had become something of a competition among the Thirteen!

During one of their Quarterly Meetings/All-in-Brawls, these hooligans, bullies, and goons were transported, surprisingly, and enmasse; to another World.

They awoke in a dark Chamber.

Each member of "Organiaztion XIII", similtaneously wondered if they had gone crazier than usual, as their heads filled with the Voices of thirteen different Deities, each claiming a rowdy troublemaker as Their Own!

The previously Dark Souls of the thirteen rogues, were filled with the overwhelming desire to Obey, Worship and fill their new Goddesses and Gods with Pride in their Accomplishments. They WANTED to Serve as their Deities' Chosen! (They even wanted to start building grand Temples, entirely of gold bricks!)

For some, this new World became even more strange, as they were filled with Warmth and Light, for they had became the Chosen of Righteous,Virtuous, or thoroughly Good, Divinities! Some of the others were luckier, and found that their Gods that didn't require such a ... drastic ... change of their world view.

"Organisation XIII" - a collective of heartless nobodies, of villains, thugs and bullies; had, upon a Whim of the Great Random, become Champions of thirteen, unique, Deities. Good, Evil, or Uncaring, as these Divinities may have been? Under them, the Thirteen were now Heroes and Heroines of Godville!

They emerged, still bewildered, from the underground Temple, into this new City, and strange World.

In a desperate attempt to maintain a sense of sanity, and of their former selves, the Original Thirteen, (now,) Heroes and Heroines, decided to remain together, regardless of their new Gods' affiliations, and did as many others had, before them; they formed a Guild. Even more than simply the Champions and sole foci of their, (equal parts,) demanding and meddling, new Divinities; these Nobodies still aspired to become, "Somebodies", in each other's eyes!

In order to remain loyal, (a new word they'd learned,) to each other, this new Guild, founded by former criminals and villains, dedicated itself to an aura of inclusion, regardless of their new Deities', Personal 'proclivities.'

Thus the Thirteen Heroines and Heroes remained together, +and+ ensured that others would seek them out; for they would always aim for greatness, and ALWAYS strive to become ... "Somebody"!

This is the Story passed on, through all the Ages of Godville; from Somebody to Fan; from Guild Council to Guild Council.

This is the History of "Organization XIII".[1]

Join "Organization XIII" Guild!

Simply send this voice command to your hero:

Join "Organization XIII" guild

If your hero does not listen, send it again until you get a response. It may take several tries.

To increase the success rate:

  • Do not stop your hero's current quest before sending the command to join.
  • Hero is not doing anything
  • Not fighting any monsters
  • Definitely not in arena or skirmish

Guild Ranks and their Equivalents

Guild advancement schedule
Guild Rank Equivalent Notes
Fan Fan
Intern Intern
Recruit Recruit Gain ability to talk in Guild Council
Follower Follower
Master Master
Chief Master Chief Master Duelling now counts towards the guild's Pantheon of Duelery ranking, and adventures towards the Pantheon of Adventure
Advisor Advisor
Grand Master Grand Master Hero will no longer attempt to leave the guild on his own.
Cardinal Cardinal The rank required for the Careerist achievement. From here on it is possible to vote for a guild leader.
Hierarch Hierarch From this Rank on it is possible to become a guild leader.
Patriarch/Matriarch Patriarch/Matriarch
Regent Regent
Prophet Prophet
High-level rank Somebody The name of this rank is set by the guild leader and therefore varies from guild to guild. It may not exist if it has not been set.


Hall of Fame

In honor of those Gods that have stayed with us through thick and thin.

  • Making the rank of at least Cardinal (No more random guild change quest!)

References and Thanks

  1. [1] Thanks to the Chronists: GodAb-Ashanti  and GodCthulhette 
  2. [2] This Table is based on contents from the (Guilds) page.
The Organization XIII Hall of Fame
God Name God Name God Name God Name
GodOlnlg  GodXion Xion  GodRoxas Roxas  GodJoker Ong 
GodRangou  GodSlySir  GodUkash  GodSalanam 
GodDeformity  GodTiniest elf  GodLeonair  GodRaggle Fraggle 
GodJessifur  GodDemag31  GodSirG  GodJon Ong 
GodUltimaga  GodPrince Phillip  GodTheepicmaniac  GodHoohhero5599