Organ Grinder

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Monsters of Godville
Organ Grinder
Organum molaris
Class Humanoid
Habitat Street corners, boardwalks
Description Vintage clothing, maniacal laugh

The Organ Grinder (Organum molaris) is a monster that some may find rather nostalgic of yesteryear and the way things were, right up until he rips out their liver and makes them watch while he grinds it up.


Organ Grinders stand approximately two deranged meters tall, and dress in the tatters of fireman's fair finery. They generally carry a jagged-ended crank that they use as a combination of club and flail. They do boast a history in entertainment, and cryptozoologists speculate that these creatures were genetically engineered to bring delight to the masses. Thousands of years of listening to repeated strains of perpetually happy music may have driven them mad.

Organ Grinders are never found in jungles, and tend to frequent plains. This may have something to do with their present feud against primate class monsters, or it may have something to do with their pathological fear of monkeys.

Far from his original purpose of creating beautiful music by turning the crank of a portable carnival organ, this bad guy seeks organs and organ fans everywhere in a murderous spree of insatiable vengeance. Heroes, being generally fans of organ music and prone to carrying odd things such as organs, are a favorite target.



  • Strong back
  • Can read music
  • Extensive knowledge of utensils used in butchering


  • Weak mind
  • Dancing monkeys
  • Fava beans and a nice chianti