Order of the Pizza

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Order of the Pizza
Motto: Meh
Alignment: Hungry
Gold Fund: Don't know or care c.u.
Date Founded: Maybe tomorrow
Membership Count: Between 1 and a lot
Guild Page: Order of the Pizza 
Data current as of HELP! HELP! I WAS FRAMED, YOUR HONOR!

We're a joke guild. Clearly.

Back to Infinity Waffles with you, for now. They look like fun. Or Sowing Sun. Read crap there- they're great. And Altoholics Anonymous if your pet's busted and you don't want a new one.

Light reading

Meanwhile, as you're not holding your breath for me to finish this, here's some fun stuff to read that's game-related.

Sowing Sun's weekly plays

Expand the table and read some, they're clearly open to the public. If you're wondering, (you're not) the one that got me coming back there at first was “Without Us” story from GodLady Shadows 

I haven't missed a week since.

Also there's this which hasn't really taken off yet. Read any good books, recommend them there. And try the ones others recommend. Go on, we all need new reading from time to time, to have with our Order of Pizza. Tell us your favorite book there and why it's so awesome.

Note to members from the founder: Go ahead and remake this page text however you like. I never expected this thing would be more than just two people, but I'm happy to see it's taken off like this.