Order of the Careful Whisperers

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The “Order of the Careful Whisperers” guild is not widely known in Godville. However, if you are a member of this guild, feel free to remove this template by deleting {{delete guild}} when editing your guild page.
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Order of the Careful Whisperers
Motto: You can't stop dancing, so keep your feet innocent!
Alignment: neutral
Date Founded: October, 2015
Membership Count: 1
Guild Page: Order of the Careful Whisperers 


The Order of the Careful Whisperers believes in joy, rhythm, and in defeating enemies to the beat of good music! It also preaches against the Careless, passionate whispers of Gods in time of anger, so the words "Never gonna dance again..." are never heard again, ever! If you love music and dancing (only watching other heroes dance works well, too), this is the guild for you.

Our guild has the best music and dance clubs all over Godville and the Arena is always playing catchy tunes that will make you swing your sword for joy. Our beautiful dancers and very professional choreographers and dance battling trainers will lead you to the path of victory to NEVER be sad... or defeated!


There once was a time when a great hero and his almighty God were walking down a path of war and misery. The hero's village was being attacked by an enemy kingdom and despair, hunger, solitude and death were all over the place. But the hero, one with strong arms, great determination and awesome dance skills, started dancing along to the songs of his almighty, erasing every enemy from the earth with an impossible dance move and a powerful sword swing. Bringing peace to his village and rejoice and pride to his Rhythmic God.

This God saw His hero was good, and blessed him with endless supplies of beer, beautiful women, tasty food and the best music from his heavenly repertoire. They would dance during and after every battle, followed by hundreds of choreoarchangels who would impress and blow to oblivion every enemy, every monster. Those were glorious days.

But an unexpected morning, while talking a meditative walk along the river, both God and hero were attacked by a different foe, a huge swarm of giant Bloodthirsty_Mosquitoes struck against the pair, sucking the hero's blood and leaving him unconscious. His God, angry at His malevolent creation attacking His dearest creature, carelessly whispered the words: "Freaking things, you should die!". After realizing the size of His mistake He turned to the hero, checking on his health just to realize He accidentally killed him.

The God immediately blew air back to His hero's lungs, bringing him back to life. But the damage was done, His mighty dancer had no dance skills anymore and the invincible warrior was gone forever. The hero and his army started losing every battle, and his village and kingdom disappeared. The hero lost hist faith and got lost, becoming an anonymous wanderer, never to be seen again.

The God then created a new hero, showing him all of His dance moves, and those He learned from His lost hero, and the new One was trained by the best trainers, best fighters of the heavenly courts. And this new One too became invincible, and a very skilled dancer who once again brought joy to his people and fear to his foes. One day, after a lot of enemy smiting and joyful drinking, while resting on the chest of a recently defeated 502 Bad Gatekeeper, he had the vision of the dark past of his God and the God promised never to whisper carelessly again, and told the hero about the secret of dancing and battling, and how the hero's mission was to spread the word about Rhythmic smiting and war choreography, and to remind every God, and king, and hero, to be Careful about their Whispering, so they could happily dance and win battles for the eternity.

After that vision, this hero returned to Godville and, to spread the word about his God and his unbeatable dance moves, founded the Order of The Careful Whisperers.