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Skills of Godville
Opacity control
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

The Opacity Control skill is known by most inhabitants of Godville but with the name of "invisibility". Even though, it's rare to find a hero who has uncovered the secrets of the skill and even more rare to find those who had mastered it.

It is not really understood how this ability works, and the heroes interviewed for this article were not willing to answer. But for sure, the skill has the capacity of change their opacity (or light reflection), to the point that they start being transparent and later on, totally invisible.This might be useful for many reasons: escaping, ambushing, or confusing opponents.

!A random hero
08:50: Hooray, I learned a new skill: “opacity control”! So begins the quest to uncover the purpose of this skill. Still not sure what Opacity Control does. Apparently this is a method to rank it up.

!A random heroine
03:56: Spent hours punching a tree until I finally accumulated enough strength to increase the level of my “opacity control” skill.


Level 1-5

The hero starts to make a big effort to accomplish the full grade of transparency. At this stage he/she might only get to disappear some part of his body while partially confusing the opponent

Level 6-10

The hero starts to learn how to give transparency to his whole body simultaneously with increased success. but the hero lacks the level of complete power, thus achieving only a quarter to a half transparency with a blurred and hazy appearance.

Level 11-15

The hero now can go almost invisible with some time letting the hero to camoflauge with the surroundings

Level 16-20

The hero has mastered the Opacity control skill to such a high degree of proficiency that they will be able to get to the total invisibilty state in just seconds whenever they want

Note: it is recommendable to warn your pets and friends that the hero is disappearing, if not, sometimes they will think that they have been abandoned and leave.