One-leaf clover

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Artifacts of Godville
One-leaf clover
One-leaf Clover.jpeg
A one leaf clover on a rock.
Type 🧷Normal
Description A four-times less efficient lucky charm.

The One-leaf clover is an artifact with at least two leaves plucked off by a Monster. It is very common, but heroes often think of it as some sort of great trophy won by defeating a monster.

Rarity: 4/10

The first record of a one-leaf clover appeared in an unnamed hero's diary:

!Hero's Diary
19:46 Defeated a monster, received a one-leaf clover
. . . or something like that.


There is 1 imposter species and one true species.

Imposter species

The imposter species is the one with leaves plucked off. There are two types, the three leaved imposter and the four leaved one. The three leaved one is common. The four leaved one is uncommon.(Duh.)

True Species

The one true species is very rare and is valuable among botanists. Therefore, traders will get it from heroes for a low price. Then, they will sell it to botanists who want to study it. But, only the experts can tell the difference in less than a moment and a moment is all a trader will need.