One-ended rope

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Artifacts of Godville
One-ended rope
One-ended rope representation.gif
Type 🧷Normal
Description Unknown

Confusing to the most observant minds, the One-ended rope has baffled Godville's top scientists for centuries.

This scintillating artifact is a basic rope in many respects. It is made from bog-standard yak hair like all of the leading rope brands; woven together by hand; it gets wet; must be dried before it is dry again. But. Where the common bi-terminal (2 ends) or poly-terminal (many ends) length of rope consists of two ends and one middle, the one-ended rope speaks for itself in it's very name and just reaches a point, usually just after the middle, where further down the rope is inconceivable the human eye, thus rendering it endless on one, erm, end...less end thing... hm...

On the event of it's discovery by professional adventurer and professor of archeology at Monsterdam University, Jimothy Twaddle III, he was exploring some booby-trapped tombs in the Um Bongo Jungle. He claims to be shaken up by the experience and to not remember much. His only quote to go public was "I don't think I'll ever really get over what happened down there. I hate damn lizards, I hate em!".

However, anyone in contact with one-ended ropes should be very careful because breakthrough experiments have been reported by the popular newspaper, the Daily Maily Dale, to be a dangerous cause of cancer. Please contact a healer for details.