One-Hit Wonder

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Monsters of Godville
One-Hit Wonder
Unum-hit wonder
One Hit Wonder.jpeg
10km, one hundred pushups, and one hundred sit-ups away from greatness
Habitat Disco bars, town plazas, and the streets
Description 2 cool 4 skool

The One-Hit Wonder is a monster which is exactly that. It does hardly any damage since its attack involves just one hit, usually involving a light slap using a pinky finger, or a light tickle under the arm pits. Its ancestors were said to have been able to destroy planets and alien spaceships with one punch, but evidently that was a one off occurrence.

This monster usually appears in the form of a shirt buttoned up to the neck, trousers with braces and wearing knee high argyle socks with sock suspenders, flip flops, and tacky heart All of their kind are bald, so they always have a hand on their wigs in case it slips from flailing about during their one hit.

If your hero manages to get defeated by this monster - by sheer noob luck or perhaps on divine purpose, consider reporting to Godville's Hall of Records to get your hero awarded with a "Noobel Prize", and watch as the hero get ridiculed by even level 1 heroes.