Omniscient Ignoramus

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Monsters of Godville
Omniscient Ignoramus
Omnis Ignorare
Omniscient Ignoramus.png
Description A dangerous fool who thinks he knows everything

Omniscient Ignoramus (Omnis Ignorare) is one of the newer generation monsters to appear in Godville. A human before entering Godville, it was known for its prodigious memory, excelling in events which required recalling arcane events, obscure facts, and other irrelevant information utterly useless for human survival. Unfortunately, the knowledge it had amassed had no value in the real world.

Unable to make any meaningful or interesting conversations with other humans, inability to perform calculations of even kindergarten levels, and its absolute abhorrence to perform menial labour, resulted in it having to perform monstrous level atrocities just to survive in that horrible land.

Recognizing the dangers it could potentially create to the delicate human ecosystem, the Human authorities pleaded with Godville Administrators to induct this abhorrent creature into their unique world.

The Godville administrators called Omniscient Ignoramus in for a client interview. The first question posed to it was a simple "Tell us about yourself". The creature began it's answers stating facts such as date and time of birth, the position of various planets in the sky during birth, a very detailed explanation of its birth charts, constellations, detailed description of the weather at the moment, the name of the doctor, the history of the hospital..

While narrating it's incredibly detailed answer the creature noticed that a few of the admins had fallen asleep and the ones that were awake were getting increasingly irritated. Know for being ridiculously sensitive, the creature suddenly turned violent and attacked the entire group of admins. It took a good while for the admins to collectively get the creature in control. A few admins were taken away unconscious and the remaining were impressed enough to induct it into Godville. "He will be a good opponent" one of them was heard saying.

And that, ladies and gentlemen was how Omniscient Ignoramus entered Godville.