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Artifacts of Godville
Type 💎Bold
Description Unknown

The Nukulele (/njuːkəˈleɪliː/ nju-kə-lay-lee, from Hawaiian: ʻnukulele [ˈnʔukuˈlɛlɛ].) originated during the times of Manhatten & Los Adminos Project in times where extreme measures were taken to ensure extreme outputs.

It was typical of that time to use little to almost no resources to gain even more than only impressive results. The effects of playing this instrument where amazing. The sheer power of playing the Nukulele was said to destabilize the most durable materials known to Godville´s citizens. A bard sitting on a milestone was rumored to having broken his tailbone, when playing this instrument. The milestone simply disintegrated due to the loss of structural integrity. The bard died instantly in a sizable mushroom cloud. It is not yet clear weather the cloud was a result of the instrument or the bards fear of said instruments effects.

To avoid further incidents a commission of "Nukulele Overwatchers" nerfed the Nukulele to the ground and made it a simple yet beautiful to look at instrument, from now on without the strings to actually use it.