Nuclear Watchdog

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Nuclear Watchdog
Candentis viridi canum
Strong Monster
Class Dog
Habitat Fission core
Description Radioactive canine

The Nuclear Watchdog (Candentis viridi canum) is a monster that has a rather tragic backstory.

After playing fetch with an unspent fuel rod in a field of barium, the Nuclear Watchdog found itself with great powers. But these powers had a price: lingering radioactive isotopes that would cause anyone who passes by it to get very ill and pass away shortly thereafter. After many lonely years of not being able to play with anyone, the Nuclear Watchdog became increasingly irritable, eventually attacking anyone who doesn't play with it.



  • Its bark emits a radiation blast equal to that of a small warhead
  • Thermonuclear breath
  • A half-life of 10,000 years
  • Kills anyone who plays fetch with it


  • A lead apron can stop most, if not all, of its powers
  • If an in-the-know victim throws a ball or a chew toy, the Nuclear Watchdog cannot resist chasing it, leaving an opportunity for the hero to get moving very quickly in the opposite direction
  • Seems not to affect cockroaches at all, although, at the time of writing, nobody is quite sure how this could be useful
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