Nondescript Villain

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Monsters of Godville
Nondescript Villain
Sceleratur sinedepictio
Class Humanoid (probably)
Habitat Everywhere and nowhere
Totem for no guild ⚜️ 
Description Monster of no distinct feature

The Nondescript Villain (Sceleratur sinedepictio) is a monster[1] that is indescribable and lacking of almost any memorable feature.


For many years, historians, scientists, and economists disagreed upon the existence of the Nondescript Villain. Many pointed to the hundreds of hero diary entries as evidence of their existence, but others countered that the heroes were actually fighting a Generic Enemy or the hero's own shadow.

Opponents of the Nondescript Villain's existence argued that it is impossible for something without any distinctive feature to exist. At least one thing would be memorable. All the heroes who wrote diary entries claiming to have fought a Nondescript Villain are actually entries of lazy heroes fighting a real monster, but without the time or the effort to adequately describe the monster.

This all changed when one hero captured a live Nondescript Villain and brought it into the town of Monsterdam.

Scientific Name

The scientific name Sceleratur sinedepictio literally means depraved (sceleratur) without (sine) description (depiction).


The only officially documented Nondescript Villain was recorded in the town of Monsterdam. Scientists and historians viewed it, measured it, documented it, and attempted to record their findings. After months of work, the scientists' logs were found to contain over a million instances of "um," "uh," "yeah, like this," and "you know?" Typical entries included: "Today, I am attempting to examine the lower portion of the Nondescript Villain's body. It is, um, uh, um. Wait, I don't think this is the lower portion of the body, um, uh, I'm not sure. I must say this specimen is rather, um, uh, you know what I'm saying? Right. I'm glad you understand."

More precise experts in the field of "Inches and Centimeters" have described the Nondescript Villain as "neither tall nor short, nether skinny nor fat, neither scary nor cute, nether strong nor weak, but like that."

Another scientist said, "Look, I can't describe it, there's a body part and another body part, and something else, you just have to see it. There's nothing I can say to describe it that doesn't apply to every other monster. Have you ever tried describing the movie Donnie Darko to someone? This is even more difficult than that."



  • It has strengths, but is not much stronger than that average monster
  • Its mystery is one of its greatest strengths
  • Scientists have theorized other strengths, but have been unable to explain them or demonstrate how those strengths are distinct from other monsters


  • Not weaker than the average monster
  • Has about the same weaknesses as most monsters
  • The monster may have other weaknesses, but no one has been able to describe them


  1. The Nondescript Villain has only been granted a provisional monster status and is subject to further review pending scientific confirmation. The nature of the being makes gathering information difficult.