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Monsters of Godville
No One
Class Imaginary
Habitat Everywhere
Description Invisible & Highly Contagious

The No One is one of the first monsters to exist in Godville, and thus is extremely cunning and wise.

The No One is very complex, because it does not exist in the physical realm but actually can only be found in the thoughts of stressed or troubled heros. If your hero's brain becomes too clouded by boring or stupid thoughts, No One will want to be around the hero lingering in these thoughts and savoring them as tasty morsels. This monster is most often spread though other heros like a virus, slowly transplanting evil thoughts such as "No One likes me" and "No One understands me". These thoughts cause the hero to isolate from friends and family, inevitably causing eventual loneliness, inflicting damage over time as a result of being a difficult monster for your hero to overcome.



  • Familiar to most heroes
  • Is able to convince the hero he/she needs no other companions
  • Overwhelms the hero with negative feelings


  • A friendly hug or smile will significantly weaken this monster's hold on your hero
  • The famous joke about who is on first base in baseball
  • When Everyone ignores it