Ninja Pirate

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Monsters of Godville
Ninja Pirate
Praedonum ninjaum
Ninja Pirate.jpg
Class Assassin
Habitat The high seas
Totem for Hidden leaf village
Description A salty sea dog, clad all in black

The Ninja Pirate (Praedonum ninjaum) is a deadly assassin that lost its memory and quit the job.

Brought up in a sushi restaurant on a Cornish smuggling boat. Run away. Terribly fast. You probably won't last a second against the flashing samurai cutlass. Its presence is generally announced by cries of "Eek!! Ninja pirates!" followed generally by a large horde of sailors stampeding towards the Hero.

The best course of action here is widely considered to being trampled to death because otherwise, the Hero will actually have to face this dreaded monster. The other sign is the smell of burning ships.



  • Very deadly in sword fighting and the martial arts
  • Cool backflips
  • Very sneaky


  • Eyepatch
  • Wooden leg
  • Out-of-sync talking, uses words landlubbers can't comprehend.