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Nights Watch
Motto: And now my watch is started
Alignment: humane
High-level Rank: Council Knight
Gold Fund: ~21473 c.u.
Leader: GodNovaeris 
Date Founded: Like 8,000 years ago
Membership Count: ~40
Pantheon of unity Rank: 214
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 11
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 93
Pantheon of adventure Rank: 326
Forum Headquarters: Nights Watch
Guild Page: Nights Watch 
Data current as of 26. February 2021

The Night has come, so my watch is not done. It does not end even in death.

I will kill many monsters, drink much ale, tame a pet or two. I will win hella duels, and wear lots of gear. I shall live and die, then be revived.

I am the hero of my God. I am the watcher in the night. The pen that writes the puns in the diaries of heroes.

I dedicate myself to the Nights Watch, for this night, and every night... until I decide to join another guild.

Nights Watch vows

About Us

So, the Nights Watch. You may have heard of us. We're a small, rugged group of brothers (and sisters, we're not sexist) who like to watch things, especially cold, dark, long nights. We take turns watching the night, and we watch our night watches when we are curious of what time of night it is. Some watchers even elect to watch other watchers who watch their watch at night on their night watch. Our order is very old, and of great import, though many other guilds look down on us, feeling that the Nights Watch is just a joke. Rest assured, many heroes become broody staying up all night watching. Very serious business.

Roles of the Watch

The duties of the Nights Watch are as numerous as they are important. The council of the Night is made of the leaders of each division of the Watch.

Night Council

Lord Commander: This is the de facto leader of the Nights Watch. It is a very great role, usually held by old gruff grumpy persons able to make hard, unpopular decisions. They are advised by the other five council members but their word is law— unless unanimously voted against by the rest of the council. It is said that there have been close to 1,000 Lord Commanders of the Nights Watch. After the recent election, Novaeris has been selected as the newest Lord Commander.

Night Knight: The knight in charge of the night watches and the Knight's watches, though very clearly not in charge of the Nights Watch. If anything, more like a second in command. The Night Knight commands the knights on which watches to watch, which nights to watch, what to watch on those nights, including which knights to watch while those knights watch either nights or watches through the night. This role is very important to the Nights Watch, often the holder of the title is very sleepy. This current sleepiest member of the Night Council is Panthom.

Master Maester: Let it be known, this is a Maester, NOT a master. These are two very distinct roles. This one does first aids and medicines and such. Also like an advisor role I think? Honestly, you'll have to ask Jimbony what it is they do on a day to day basis.

Master Builder: This member of the Watch is in charge of building all of the watches, watching all of the building, and everything else the Watch has need of that is build related. Worth noting, all Master Builders must be exceptionally proficient with Legos. Newest and youngest holder of the role Urodela has been rumored to dream in blueprint they work so hard.

Primary Ranger: The first one who ranges for the Watch. All the other rangers follow them. Prim Ranger Irrata is known for going out on dangerous Knight night missions sometimes with nothing but a single watch to watch and no other knights to watch but the night itself. Total badass.

Grand Master: In charge of all mastery for the Watch. Probably... trains? Yeah, trains Knights and Watchers alike. Definitely does not train maesters. As we have been over before, these two roles are completely unrelated. Unbelievable this is still unclear to you. Y'know what— as an added measure— don't even mention the role of Master Maester to our Grand Master, Deviah. If you know what's good for you.


Rangers: Follow the primary ranger on all, err... rangings.

Watchers: The bulk of the Nights Watch consists of the Watch Knights. They watch watches, nights, and watch fellow knights, among other things.

Builders: Build at the master builder's behest.

Stewarts: Knights named Stewart, or who really like Stewart Little or something. No one really wants this role for some reason.

Recruits: New to the Nights Watch, not yet sworn into the order. Training for other roles.