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Towns of Godville
Next Station
Home milestone 27
Map code NS
Known for Bad trading, cheap stuff
Motto There's always the Next Station

Next Station is a city filled with shady merchants. Trading here is not recommended since heroes will tend to lose more than they gain. However, heroes are more likely to find inexpensive items here because of the cheap production and labor. Everyone who lives here is in a state of melancholy and hopelessness, always believing that the next town will be a better option for them. In place of a Mayor or town leader, the Traders here rule the city with a mob mentality, cutting costs and expenses wherever they can and barely managing to keep the village afloat.

Game features

  • Dismal Trading
  • Cheap Stuff


!Hero's Diary
05:19 PM Cold showers and warm beer. I always hate realizing I'm in the same existence as Next Station...


Murphy's Law is in full effect here. Though such a small city, it is surrounded by other big, industrial cities such as Beerburgh, Last Resort, and Bumchester. Somehow, the terrain gives Next Station the worst air pollutants of all the other cities on the map. Since the air pollution here is so intense, the townspeople's health is also in terrible condition. Heck, even the doctors aren't doing very well.


Next Station's conveniently-located Welcome Center.

Next Station has been in a state of disrepair, owing to the mindset of the townspeople simply looking forward to moving on, as nothing seems to fulfill their daily desires. Even Heroes and their Gods prefer to move quickly through this extremely dingy hamlet, as the atmosphere makes drinking and spending money here simply depressing. The townspeople eagerly wait every day, hoping for a hero or a heroine for a chance to improve the city, somehow...

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